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12 Celebrities Who Surprised Fans With Their Beard (Jim Carrey’s, for example, has his own Twitter account)

A few days ago, the Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa published a video saying goodbye to Drogo and Aquaman, emblematic characters he played for television and for the movies, while cutting the beard that he let grow for 7 years. The reason for deleting something so characteristic was due to a theme of environmental awareness, but there are other actors or artists who often change their look to evolve with some role in their career, mature or simply try a new style. If we talked about all those who did this at least once, we would never finish this post, so we decided to assemble a selection of the most significant cases.

O awesome.club prepared a list of 12 actors or artists who had a before and after with or without a beard, and who surprised by the incredible change.

1. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has rarely been seen differently, except when he was on the show. SOS Malibu🇧🇷 Since 2012, his identity has been marked by long hair and a lush beard, which allowed him to play the role of Khal Drogo in game of Thrones and star in the movie Aquaman🇧🇷 However, much to the pain of many fans this is over, because he decided to cut his beard for an important work with the environment: raising awareness about the use of plastic today.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

The actor who impersonates Iron Man is another who has changed to offer a new and multifaceted image to his film roles. to the movie Natural Born Killers 1994, he grew a very pronounced beard. However, over the years it happened not to have a single hair on the face, as for the filming of releasing the dogs2006. In recent years he has continued to improve his image and generally wears a sideburns beard style and a separate, trimmed mustache.

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3. Jim Carrey

The Canadian-American comedian is known for changing his image to make his films, as he did in Ace Ventura and The mask🇧🇷 In 2017, he looked unrecognizable to the public, because for a long time he grew a beard, which led his fans to create a account on Beard’s Twitter. Today we see him without that “careless” image, with a completely different face and participating in new projects.

4. Orlando Bloom

In 2017, Orlando Bloom appeared playing an Italian cyclist named JuJu Pepe in the comedy film Pharmacy tour, in which he had to grow a goatee and mustache and dye them blonde. Shortly after, Bloom appeared without a beard, leaving behind the characteristic character, and several times modified his style without adopting one in particular.

5. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew has played incredible characters on the big screen, going so far as to lose weight and change his appearance to the point where he looks unrecognizable. This heartthrob has many looks and does not go unnoticed on the red carpet. In 2015, it was the first time he was seen with a thick beard, but he progressively reduced it, until he left a style of “stubble”, that is, a trimmed beard simulating an effect of a few days without shaving. .

6. Chris Evans

7. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling featured important roles in his career, but it was with the film Diary of a passion that he would become better known. For this interpretation, he had to change elements of his appearance, such as wearing brown contact lenses and a beard, which made him look even more like the true protagonist of the story. In 2011, on the contrary, we saw him with a new and renewed look and with a smooth skin for the role of an “anonymous” driver in drive🇧🇷

8. Ashton Kutcher

The actor and producer of the well-known show punk’dwhere he played pranks on his famous friends, acted in different films such as sex without commitment🇧🇷 jobs and Butterfly Effect🇧🇷 However, his most difficult role came when he had to replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a half Mena production that served to show his constant style changes: long hair, beard, short hair and completely shaved.

9. Zach Galifianakis

About this 49-year-old comedian it is more common to see him with a beard than without, as he rarely shaves. However, for the movie the candidates, in 2012, he appeared with a mustache, but little by little he returned to his well-known beard, which he maintains to this day. Of course, it doesn’t look anything like the one he wore while filming If you drink, don’t marry!🇧🇷

10. Brad Pitt

11. Johnny Depp

We couldn’t leave Johnny Depp aside, as in addition to being applauded for his incredible performances, audiences also remember him for his constant changes in appearance in iconic films. For example, Edward Scissor Hands🇧🇷 Alice in Wonderland🇧🇷 Pirates of the Caribbean or Transcendence: The Revolution🇧🇷 Changes that were undoubtedly significant and very wise to play their roles.

12. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe, protagonist of the saga Harry Potter, has been making several characters in the cinema to escape the mythical character of the wizard. For that reason, in 2016, he acted as a secret agent in Imperium — Leaderless Resistance, where it underwent a total change in appearance. While in 2017 he grew a beard to play Yossi Ghinsberg in the film In the jungle🇧🇷

Which of these changes did you like the most? Do you think if you changed your usual style to another one, your friends would be surprised? Tell us in the comments!

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