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12 airfryer fish recipes for a practical and tasty meal

Did you hit that laziness to cook or time is short? Even in these situations, you can make a delicious and healthy meal at the same time. To prove this to you, we have separated fish recipes in the airfryer that can be a big hit on your table. Come with us!

1. Fish with paprika in the airfryer

For starters, a recipe in which fish steaks are seasoned with paprika, lemon, salt, black pepper and olive oil. To add a little color, paprika also enters the scene. While the airfryer preheats, you let the pieces of fish unravel in the seasonings. Then just take them to the appliance.

2. Fish with Basil

Are you looking for a recipe where the fish is well flavored? So it’s worth checking out this request. For this, tilapia fillets are seasoned with basil, garlic powder, salt, sweet paprika, lemon juice, chili pepper and olive oil. The waiting time is short, but the taste is simply divine.

3. Grilled fish in the airfryer

In addition to fish fillets, you will only need olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, paprika, garlic and thyme to make this recipe. Even with a short list of ingredients, the fish is well seasoned. Not to mention that the texture is very soft and juicy.

4. Fish and bacon in the airfryer

You can also make whole fish in the airfryer. Here, tilapia was chosen. To complete the flavor of the dish, the tip is to stuff the meat with strips of bacon. This is a simple process, but it makes all the difference in the final taste.

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5. Fish with garlic in the airfryer

How about testing a recipe that only takes four ingredients? In this option, salmon is seasoned with garlic, lemon and salt. Also, when taking the fish to the airfryer, the tip is to place it on a piece of aluminum foil.

6. Sardines in the airfryer

You know that very crispy breaded fish? You get this result in the airfryer. For this, after seasoning, the sardines are passed in beaten eggs and cornmeal. Finally, just take it to bake. Worth a try.

7. Fish with soy sauce in the airfryer

Shoyu, fine herbs, lemon and ready-made seasoning are used to increase the flavor of the salmon, which is chosen in this recipe. Then the fish goes to the airfryer on aluminum foil. Waiting time is 20 minutes at 200°C. Following these tips, the salmon is slightly golden, but very juicy.

8. Fish baits with quinoa

Fish bait is very versatile, after all, it goes well both in main meals and for a snack. In addition, there is a very different breading here, as the ingredients used are eggs and quinoa. For those who want a crunchy and very healthy result, it’s worth a try. Oh, and the fish used in this option is Saint Peter, also known as red tilapia.

9. Panko breaded fish

Another alternative for those who want a very crispy fish is this recipe in which the breaded is made with panko. This is bread flour, similar to breadcrumbs, but thicker. This makes the result very, very crispy.

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10. Salmon with sesame crust

Do you like the contrast of the soft texture of the fish with a crispy crust, but don’t want to bread the meat? No problem: with this recipe, you get the result. For this, the proposal is to cover the salmon already seasoned with sesame. This is a simple tip, but one that can easily conquer your taste buds.

11. Breaded fish in the airfryer

In this recipe, salt, garlic, lemon juice and pepper are used to season fish fillets. For the meat to be tasty, the tip is to let it marinate for at least 10 minutes. For the crust to be crispy, you must use eggs, wheat flour and breadcrumbs in the breading.

12. Fish with vegetables in the airfryer

Here, the first step is to microwave potato slices. Then, in a bowl, garlic, yellow pepper, cilantro, cherry tomato, red onion, tomato sauce, coconut milk, salt, oil and pepper are mixed together. Afterwards, tilapia fillets are seasoned with rosemary, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon zest. Finally, just assemble the plate and take it to the airfryer.

Have you ever wanted to try one of the recipes on the list? Before leaving for the kitchen, enjoy and see how to make fit desserts to guarantee a sweetie after the meal!

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