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110 lace wedding dress models for that special day

Classic and timeless, the lace wedding dress is one of the best choices for women with the most diverse tastes and styles. The versatility of the fabric is a differential: lace can be used as the main material or applied to tulle and transparencies. We separate classic and daring models for you to be inspired and find the perfect dress for your wedding. Check out!

1. The wedding dress with lace can be synonymous with discretion

2. You can keep it simple with an all-lace model

3. Lace looks beautiful on strapless dresses

4. And it also values ​​models with long sleeves

5. If you prefer, strappy dresses are perfect with this fabric

6. The sweetheart neckline brings a romantic air that matches the lace

7. The transparent lace makes the dress even more beautiful

8. Another option is to use a voluminous skirt to enhance the look

9. Or sleeves, which can be short or longer

10. A slimmer model on top is balanced with a flowing skirt

11. For a touch of sensuality, bet on a tighter dress

12. The lace details on this dress are breathtaking

13. In this one, the lace works as a frame for the neckline

14. Waist cutouts create a different and subtle effect

15. With a V-neck, the dress brings sensuality and lightness

16. But it also shows delicacy and sophistication

17. For a romantic dress, bet on more delicate lace

18. Sleeve details are also an option

19. Modern weddings make room for a blouse and skirt look

20. The shape of this lace wedding dress highlights the silhouette

21. Just like this model with a tail

22. This dress is for those who like looser models

23. And this one is ideal for highlighting the upper body

24. Combining lightness with simplicity, it’s impossible to go wrong

25. And this dress is here to prove it’s true

26. Bet on different and innovative dresses without fear

27. Or bet on the classics

28. The fact is that lace is perfect for any dress model

29. Therefore, creativity is an ally of this fabric

30. French lace makes everything very sophisticated

31. And it also brings an air of romanticism

32. Or even sensuality

33. It can be used to highlight the cleavage in the back

34. Bringing a special highlight to the model

35. But it also makes more closed dresses even more beautiful

36. The mermaid model is also beautiful with lace

37. From simpler and more discreet dresses

38. Even more daring ones

39. The long sleeve looks great with the mermaid model

40. The strap too

41. And the strapless looks spectacular

42. The mermaid tail can be well marked

43. Or more loose

44. The important thing is to value your body

45. Short models also look great with a mermaid tail

46. ​​Long dresses allow a train to drag along the floor

47. And the lace makes this finish even more sophisticated

48. A lace lace makes the long-sleeved dress fresher

49. But cold days call for a tighter plot

50. The full skirt is perfect for those who want to feel like a princess

51. And more outlined models match more sensual brides

52. The short sleeve made of lace is delicate and harmonious

53. And the long sleeve makes room for a more daring neckline

54. If you prefer, wear a long-sleeved blouse and a loose skirt

55. The Japanese collar looks elegant on a lace wedding dress

56. Those looking for a more sober dress can bet on the long sleeve

57. She also wears full skirts

58. A loose sleeve makes the dress super-romantic

59. Or you can also compose a more sensual look

60. The cover works as a frame for the bride

61. And she looks beautiful with a low back

62. The lace appliqué on the transparency is delicate and subtle

63. And the lace can only be used in a small detail of the dress

64. The fact is that she brings a special touch to the pieces

65. And wearing it on the arms makes the dress even more elegant

66. You can combine the lace with a polka-dot tulle

67. Or use it as a transparency over a more closed fabric

68. Lace also looks beautiful in the shape of a shawl

69. And it goes great with a removable skirt

70. She lets you show off your body

71. In the most varied ways possible

72. And it makes the wedding dress even more beautiful

73. The combination of lace and tulle is light and classic

74. Looks great in flared dresses

75. It also matches the loose models

76. And it brings a special touch to flowing dresses

77. It is also possible to bring a touch of sensuality

78. Or enhance the elegance and sophistication of the piece

79. The fact is that lace and tulle were made for each other

80. And this combination even allows the use of seat belts

81. But it also looks beautiful in more traditional models

82. And makes the basics special

83. The sensuality of the neckline on the back is perfect with the mermaid model

84. Who wants to leave the back free can balance with long sleeves

85. It’s a spectacle

86. And it combines a sexy touch with elegance

87. The neckline in the back is also beautiful in romantic dresses

88. Or you can enhance the mermaid tail even more

89. The back can appear discreetly

90. As in this braided finish dress

91. But an open neckline can also be the ideal choice

92. Even in the most romantic dresses

93. Modern brides can opt for short lace models

94. From midi length

95. Sleeveless

96. With long sleeves

97. Or with short sleeves

98. Knee length is also a short dress option

99. It elongates and highlights the silhouette

100. Short dresses are ideal for a summer wedding

101. But they can be adapted for cooler days

102. Lace brings a special touch to short dresses

103. That can be romantic

104. Or more sensual

105. More discreet

106. Or very short and low-cut

107. From more basic and simple models

108. Even more daring ones

109. Lace brings elegance and delicacy

110. And it makes wedding dresses even more beautiful!

The wide variety of wedding dresses with lace proves that, for every woman, there is the ideal model with this fabric! If you want to know all the possible options for the perfect look on your wedding day, check out wedding dress tips and learn how to choose every detail of this very special outfit!

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