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11 vegan beauty product brands to know and try

New times and new principles have generated an important demand in the market: the need for cruelty free products, that is, those that do not generate any type of damage to animals in their production.

The damage is not only in the tests carried out with animals, but also in the use of products and derivatives of animal origin.

This stance is intended to ensure that animals do not suffer from exploitation or are even cruelly sacrificed for the benefit of the industry, especially the cosmetics industry. As a result, the creation of vegan product brands has become very popular in this sector.

Even for those who are not adept at this lifestyle in food, it is worth investing in the purchase of these products, as it is a sign that the brand is committed to important principles and that it is attentive to what is important to its customers.

If you are interested in this cause or already adopt this lifestyle, here are 11 vegan cosmetics brands to include in your list:

1. Surya Brazil ($$$)

The Brazilian company proposes to make products with plants native to the Amazon. Its various cosmetic lines have the most varied certifications (Kosher Certification, Sapien Men, Leaping Bunny, among many others) and have nail polish, henna, makeup, hair products and even a men’s cosmetics line, being one of the pioneers in this Marketplace.

2. Alva ($$$)

The German brand has been on the market since 1988 and produces natural and organic cosmetics, without any animal derivatives in its composition. It has 12 cosmetic treatment lines, including care for the skin, hair, hands and feet, cellulite relief, deodorant and products for sensitive skin, in addition to a line for men.

3. Made in Brazil ($$)

With a creative proposal to break the sameness in the world of cosmetics, Feito Brasil has products that are considered by the brand to be true works of art and value sustainability – hence the choice not to use raw materials of animal origin or to carry out tests on animals. . They also aim to value the country and female empowerment.

4. Folio Reservation ($)

The company creates organic and natural cosmetics, seeking a better balance between human beings and the environment. Its cosmetics line is certified according to the NOP and organic IBD program. It uses 100% natural products, mostly from Brazilian flora. In addition to not using animal raw materials, nor adopting animal tests, the brand seeks to participate in projects for the preservation and recovery of deforested areas. The Reserve has mainly hygiene products, skin care, hands and feet.

5. Multivegetable ($$)

Multivegetal is a Brazilian company created in the 1990s, specialized in phytocosmetics, developing as its first product an after-shave lotion for sensitive skin. With the success of this product, the brand decided to specialize in other cosmetics in the same line. All its products are phytocosmetics, that is, totally natural and without any addition of raw material of animal origin.

6. Equilibre ($)

Ekilibre was born in 2011 in Pará and its mission is to develop personal hygiene and cosmetic products that are in harmony with the environment, totally natural and that represent Brazilian culture well. All its production is sustainable, being a brand with totally animal-friendly and cruelty-free products.

7. Herbia ($$$)

Born in Joinville in 2005, Herbia started the production of its cosmetics of totally organic origin, through its own cultivation of its aromatic plants. With the aim of making natural and therapeutic products to bring balance to its customers, the brand uses only organic essential oils and sustainable cultivation.

8. Weleda ($$$)

A Swiss company with a long time in the market (over 90 years), Weleda is anchored in the principles of Anthroposophy, focusing on pharmaceuticals and natural cosmetics with a holistic approach. In addition to being totally natural and vegan, it also implements important solutions to rebalance the environment, such as the use of wind energy in the production of cosmetics.

9. Lush ($$$ to $$$$)

The British cosmetics company emerged in 1994, when a botanist needed to develop a product for her sensitive skin, after an irritation. He later created the brand and brought several innovations, such as solid shampoo, bar, massage bars, among other important innovations for the area. Its products have a delicious smell, characteristic of Lush. All products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

10. Vyvedas ($$)

The national company seeks in natural products to provide well-being and care for its customers, based on phytotherapy, trying to return to the return of pleasure in contact with nature. All its products do not contain mineral oil or animal raw materials, with 100% recyclable packaging, reliable suppliers and commitment to the environment.

11. Salt of the Earth Handcrafted Soap ($)

If you want handcrafted products, Sal da Terra meets your expectations. All cosmetics are made with 100% natural materials. The smell of the products is derived from the essential oils used. The brand even produces products for animals and children. All of its shampoos and conditioners, including, are allowed for low and noo poo because they do not contain parabens and insoluble silicones. And there is a specific line of vegan products.

where to buy these products

There are many options of good brands with the most varied prices for you to purchase and try. But the question remains: where to buy? Here’s a list of the top places you’ll find these products online:

If you prefer, you can also buy the cosmetics directly in the virtual stores of the brands mentioned above.

If you choose this philosophy of life or just agree with the cause, you can already see that it is possible to take care of your beauty with affordable prices, great quality products and while protecting animals from the cruelty of industrial processes.

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