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11 Ham and Cheese Pie Recipes That Are Pure Practicality

Ham and cheese pie is that kind of recipe that always works: it turns out delicious and pleases most people. In addition, it is always a great option to reuse food that you have in the fridge, such as cold cuts, olives, tomatoes, cottage cheese, among others.

The dough is usually prepared in a blender, without any secrets. The filling is prepared simply by mixing the ingredients. Then just assemble and bake. That’s why the ham and cheese pie is always a great option for a quick lunch or dinner. Or even for when you are going to receive visitors at home. Get inspired by delicious versions:

1. Easy Ham and Cheese Pie

It has a super light dough, seasoned and is made without difficulties. In addition to ham and cheese, other fillings can be used successfully, such as tuna, chicken, hearts of palm, ground beef, in other words, whatever you want! Check out the full recipe.

2. Low carb ham and cheese pie

Ideal for those who are following a low carb diet. You will use eggs, plain yogurt, mozzarella, salt, baking powder, white cheese, ham, tomato, oregano, olive oil, parmesan and basil. Write down the recipe.

3. Ham and Cheese Blender Pie

Ideal recipe for when you feel like eating something different and you don’t want to waste a lot of time in the kitchen. This pie, accompanied by a salad of leaves, becomes a quick lunch or dinner for the weekend. It’s worth checking out the step by step.

4. Bauru Oven Pie

Perfect for those moments when all you want is to prepare something delicious without the least effort. This pie takes simple ingredients and is very practical. In less than 15 minutes of preparation and another 30 minutes of oven the pie will be ready. Write down and save this recipe.

5. Ham, cheese and chicken pie

A ham and cheese pie that is very filling and tasty, with the creaminess from the use of catupiry. The dough is light and fluffy. Check out the full recipe.

6. Ham, cheese and corn pie

Made with rotten dough, this pie is a great option for when you have guests at home. It pleases children and adults. The stuffing, in addition to ham, cheese and green corn, contains only eggs and cream. See how to do it.

7. Portuguese pizza pie

A mix of pie and pizza, one of those recipes that everyone loves. The tip is to make it in a form with a removable background, but, if you prefer, you can make it in a normal form, but then you cannot unmold it. Check out the full recipe.

8. Ham and Cheese Sandwich Pie

That kind of snack perfect for the night, especially if accompanied by a salad of leaves. You will use wholemeal bread and the preparation is very simple, just assemble everything in layers and take it to the oven. Access recipe details.

9. Ham and cheese pie with cottage cheese

A simple blender pie recipe. You will use milk, flour, oil, salt, eggs, baking powder, mozzarella, ham, tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives and oregano. See how to do it.

10. Potato pie with ham and cheese

Different, but easy to assemble, this recipe combines incredible flavors like potatoes, cheddar and ham. The result is a filling and delicious pie that will leave everyone wanting to know how it was prepared. Check step by step.

11. Ham and Cheese Quiche

Easy recipe, in which you will only need wheat flour and margarine for the dough. The filling, in addition to ham and cheese, contains eggs, cream cheese and cream. Learn how to prepare.

Ham and cheese pie is a guaranteed success, synonymous with practicality and reuse of food you have at home. For a change, also get to know delicious spinach pie recipes.

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