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10 Youtube channels for those who love to cook

On your list of the best things in life, eating should probably come first or second, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

And nowadays, it has become much easier to taste good dishes and venture out to prepare them at home, after all, there are many cool recipes on Youtube.

If you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (or learning to cook on Youtube) we’ve found options that take less than five minutes to prepare, but if you’re one of those people who loves to spend the entire weekend dedicating yourself to learning new recipes, with You will definitely love our selection too!

The secrets of a good barbecue, tips for a perfect gnocchi, a Doritos recipe or that impeccable dessert to please your mother-in-law. These channels show you all the tricks to make your kitchen experience 100% satisfying.

1. Mother’s Cooking

Nothing better than a full meal with that taste of mom’s house, right? To do this, just access the videos of Culinária de Mãe, where you will find complete recipes and sometimes even a little complex, but which are explained by those who know the most about cooking.

2. BBQ at Home

For those who can’t do without a barbecue with friends on the weekend, or for those who want to know more about this universe, the BBQ at home channel is essential. There are several tricks and tips to raise the level of your barbecue.

3. Danielle Noce

If you haven’t met Dani Noce yet, you’re definitely not a person who would kill for dessert. With a rather peculiar name, I Could Kill For Dessert is not just a channel for sweets and desserts, you can also find savory dishes and even fitness options. Rich in detail, the videos are beautifully produced and visually delightful to watch.

4. Ana Maria Brogui

Dedicated to making our lives easier in relation to famous foods such as Doritos, Yakult, Mc Donalds, etc., Ana Maria Brogui reveals the secrets of preparing these recipes so you can make them at home and guarantee the same result.

5. Kitchen for Two

As the name implies, the channel is dedicated to couples who like to spend time together cooking. The recipes range from the simplest to the most complex and can be easily reproduced at home by the couple, or by just one very hungry, as the channel’s slogan says.

6. Minute Recipes

More practical than that, impossible. The videos are short and simple to understand, but they leave nothing to be desired in relation to the other channels listed here. It is worth checking!

7. Culinary Art

Tata is a full-fledged cook who decided to create her own channel, and we thank you. The tips are valuable, the videos are fun to watch, and the recipes range from basic to advanced levels.

8. Panel Therapy

The name of the channel already reveals that it is dedicated to those who love to cook and make it a hobby, a therapy. The recipe tips are a must for anyone who wants to improve their performance in preparing simple or complex meals.

9. Gourmet Role

A relaxed channel for those who like fast and practical food, to welcome friends or just enjoy a different dish on the weekend. Always with a different guest, the Role Gourmet boys mix the preparation of the recipe with a good chat.

10. Toast Toast

She will kill the internet with so much cuteness and whim! Simple tips are what command the videos, like this one of dulce de leche with a can of condensed milk, one of the most watched videos on the channel.

There are so many sweets, desserts, snacks and main courses that it’s easy to wonder what to prepare first. After so many options, hunger is one thing your guests won’t go through the next time they visit your home.

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