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10 unusual uses of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, popularly known as hydrogen peroxide, is a chemical compound widely used in various types of situations. Learning the uses of this versatile product – in addition to the traditional pharmaceutical use – is taking another step towards total practicality in everyday life. For the following tips, 3% hydrogen peroxide (10 volumes) should be used.

1 – Clean the meat board

If you use a wooden meat board to cut food – not just meat, but vegetables and other types of food as well – you probably have a hard time completely eliminating the dirt that accumulates in the creases left by the knife cut. Hydrogen peroxide can help you circumvent the problem by disinfecting the surface. Just rub the product diluted in a little vinegar on it.

2 – Clean the dishwashing sponge

The sponge used to wash dishes is one of the household objects that accumulate the most germs and bacteria. It is difficult to keep it sanitized due to factors such as its frequent use and the type of material used in its manufacture. Also in this case, “washing” the sponge with hydrogen peroxide is a good option. To do this, mix one part hydrogen peroxide and one part warm water in a bowl. Then let the sponge soak for about 15 minutes.

3 – Disinfect vegetables

As it has bactericidal action, hydrogen peroxide is able to disinfect vegetables – fruits and vegetables. By mixing water with a few drops of the product and putting the combination in a spray, you can spray the vegetables and thus ensure that you are consuming healthier foods.

4 – Remove wine stains

Wine is the kind of liquid that, when spilled on clothes, rugs or upholstery, usually leaves its mark forever. Removing wine stains is difficult, but it can be made easier if you use hydrogen peroxide. To do this, mix one part hydrogen peroxide and one part liquid detergent. Gently spread over the stain, then dry the area with a towel, rinsing with warm water to finish. Done – just wait for it to dry.

5 – Remove blood stains

Like wine, blood is also an enemy of fabric surfaces. Also with it, hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing stains. Hydrogen peroxide at 10% concentration is ideal for the task. Pour it directly onto the stain and let it sit for about five minutes. Then rub the piece with your hands or with the help of a soft brush. Finally, rinse in cold water. You may need to repeat the process to get a satisfactory result.

6 – Lighten yellow nails

The frequent use of nail polishes, especially the dark ones, can end up leaving the nails with a yellowish appearance. To get rid of the problem, soak a piece of cotton in hydrogen peroxide and rub it over your stained nails. With a few applications the yellowness will disappear.

7 – Bleach hair

As well as lightening your nails, hydrogen peroxide can also help lighten your body hair. To do so, you will need almond oil – to moisturize -, hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder – you can find them in pharmacies and cosmetics stores. Prepare the skin with the oil and then mix 100 grams of bleaching powder with 90 ml of hydrogen peroxide, smearing the desired area with the mixture. Wait ten minutes and remove with an exfoliator, washing normally afterwards.

8 – Remove sweat stains

To get rid of sweat stains on clothes, simply mix one part liquid soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Spread the mixture over the stained area and wait an hour before rinsing it off with cold water.

9 – Clean the toilet

Due to its bactericidal action, hydrogen peroxide can work wonders in terms of cleaning. To use it in the toilet, just throw it in the toilet and wait an average of 30 minutes before scrubbing normally.

10 – Clean the fridge

Here, the same principle applies as the toilet. The way to use it is simple: just rub the product inside the fridge, when you clean it. Then remove with a dry cloth. This will keep bacteria away from the food.

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