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10 unusual things that drive men crazy

Men are easy creatures to please. Just a pair of breasts, a cross of legs, a shorter dress and that’s it: instant happiness. While these seem like simple recipes to drive any man crazy, there are a number of less obvious items that do the same for him.

1 – Know how to download files in torrent

Absurd? None of that. Men are fascinated by technology, and as soon as you mention the fact that you know how to download files via torrent, they will consider you a goddess of smart downloading. Even if you are not. The same goes for any knowledge related to technology and its wonders.

2 – Know how to handle screwdrivers, drills or any other tools

Maybe because it demonstrates strength and independence, maybe because it stirs some personal fantasy, but there’s something about a woman knowing how to fix your leaking furniture and plumbing that drives men crazy.

3 – Prepare a tenderloin

Or a barbecue, a pasta, a meat roulade, in short. A woman who knows how to cook ignites the inner fire of men for the simple fact that food is closely associated with sex. That’s because both are great sources of pleasure for human beings.

Try telling a man that “I’m going to make that recipe my grandmother taught me anytime” and observe the reactions of the handsome guy. If you’re a smart girl, you don’t even need to cook for real.

4 – Practice yoga

Ah, the complex male mental connections. Knowing that you practice yoga makes him think about your flexibility and the amazing things he could do with it. That’s the thing with yoga, but actually men are interested in women who play any kind of sport, and the more different the sport, the better.

5 – Drive well

Don’t confuse it with driving properly, here we are talking about being a good “driver”, indeed. A woman who drives well, in addition to demonstrating competence behind the wheel, becomes a challenge for a man. And challenges, as everyone is tired of knowing, are very exciting.

6 – Quote lyrics or song names in random conversations

Come on: music is a great aphrodisiac. Men who love music will love to hear a piece of music in unusual situations. Furthermore, the ability to randomly cite them demonstrates spontaneity. Just be careful not to sing a sertanejo, if the guy is an unconditional fan of rock, or a funk for a cat who enjoys MPB. Chances are good that he will run three days and three nights without looking back.

7 – Wear white, cotton panties

Yes, they like. Not always, of course, because everything that is worn a lot becomes routine and routine is boring, but you can wear your beloved and comfortable white cotton panties without fear, once in a while. That’s because they have that “not for anyone to see” air that sounds almost innocent – and they love almost innocent things.

8 – Understanding drinks

Drinking with your partner is incredibly stimulating. For a man, a woman who understands and appreciates drinks in general will be a great companion for relaxed moments and lively conversations, as well as being very exciting.

9 – Not wearing a bra

Although for us it may seem ugly, for men it is the maximum happiness that fashion can bring. Nothing like breasts bouncing freely under the fabric of her blouse.

10 – Telling dirty jokes and swearing

A woman with a sense of humor has her charm. Knowing how to tell a “dirty” joke or even say a bad word in the middle of the conversation demonstrates spontaneity, once again – and there is no expensive clothes or well-made makeup that overcome this quality.

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