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10 tricks to hide a small butt

The Brazilian woman is recognized worldwide for her curves, especially for her big buttocks. However, not all women are satisfied with their hips and some find them small.

“The butt is the favorite part of the body of Brazilian women and is also one of the first items on most women’s dissatisfaction list, whether due to the desire to boost it or disguise it”, says the personal and business image consultant, Maria Valentina.

For her, the woman’s search for a perfect body must go through the choice of look. By dressing correctly, a woman values ​​her strengths and disguises her less attractive ones. “Always paying attention to the physical type and personal style of each woman”, emphasizes Maria Valentina.

For women who have a small butt and want to disguise or appear to have more curves, the consultant mentioned 10 tricks that help in this mission.

10 tricks to hide a small butt

1. Applications in the pockets: wear pants, shorts and bermuda shorts with applications of embroidery, rhinestones, rhinestones, spikes or customizations in the back pockets. This helps to give volume to the hips and hide the small butt.

2. Printed pieces: it is also an interesting tip to use printed bottoms, whether camouflaged, animal print, plaid, horizontal stripes, floral or ethnic print. It is worth investing in zig zag prints that also help with the optical illusion, providing a bigger butt effect.

3. Close-to-the-body pieces: neither too tight nor too wide, close-to-the-body pieces are ideal for those with a small butt.

4. Shiny fabrics: whether silk or satin, the best option for women with small butts is to opt for fabrics with a little shine.

5. Pieces with ruffles: any piece that increases volume in the hip area is welcome. “Blouses, dresses, skirts with ruffles (peplum), just above the hips are perfect for those who have little butt”, reinforces Maria Valentina.

6. Heavier fabrics: Fabrics like microfiber, pique, light twill, velvet, closed-weave wool, tweed, denim, gabardine are great for helping women without a butt because they add body and volume to them.

7. Blouses on the outside: they help to hide the region and disguise the butt. Tunics and dresses provide the same effect. The consultant’s tip is to always wear it with a belt to mark the waist, or, in the case of tunics and dresses, use the belt loosely over the hip.

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8. Wefts and textures: fabrics with worked weaves or textures in relief also help to create volume in the hip region and, with that, accentuate the small butt.

9. Pieces with fringes: any detail that the clothing has becomes an attraction to divert attention from the butt. If your style is folk, wear skirts, blouses or dresses with fringes.

10. Pieces that favor the buttocks: “Today, there are many options for jeans on the market that make the buttocks more pert, and can be a great option”, reveals the consultant. There are also panties and pantyhose that help to enlarge the butt. “These pieces are also great allies”, concludes Maria Valentina.

Tips on what not to use

Consultant Maria Valentina also gave several tips on what to use or not and how to use it. In order not to make a mistake, it is always important to know your body as a whole. “Knowing the woman’s proportions, it’s easy to indicate the best options for clothes that will give volume to your butt”, she says.

Usually, a woman who doesn’t have a butt is thin and also has a small waist, so clothes that draw the body, such as those mentioned above, help a woman to have a more curvy silhouette.

On the other hand, other pieces disfavor women without a buttocks, they are these:

  • Pieces either too tight or too wide, without pockets or with flat pockets;
  • High waisted pieces;
  • Dark colors always create the illusion of the body being smaller;
  • Very large pockets that can make the butt look even smaller;
  • Trousers with Italian hem, that is, hem as if it were folded;
  • Very short coats, above the waistline and boleros;
  • Blouses inside pants, skirt or shorts;
  • monochromatic compositions
  • Very stretchy fabrics, such as lycra. They tend to flatten the butt and make it look smaller.
  • And bottom pieces with dark color and top light.
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Another very important tip to disguise the small butt is to attract attention to another part of the body. “A cleavage, a haircut that matches the shape of the face, a well done makeup, as the occasion calls for, a shoe with details and high heels. Applying these tactics, for sure the small butt or lack of it will not be noticed”, guides Maria Valentina.

For accessories, avoid belts or bands that are too wide at the waist, the best way to wear them is over the hips. “The other accessories, such as: rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, are great, as they help to divert attention to another point of the body, as long as they are in harmony with the other pieces of the look and with the woman’s physical type”, is another tip given by the consultant. The crossbody bag also helps to disguise the small butt, as they help create more volume in the hip area.

A great tip to compose the looks is to use overlapping pieces. “Straight-cut jeans in a lighter wash, with back pockets plus a blouse hanging out to the beginning of the hip and a jacket on top, finishing off the look with high heels and a beautiful earring”, is one of the looks suggested by the consultant. . It also indicates the use of color block, with bright and light colors.

The key pieces to disguise the butt

pants and shorts

Light, colorful colors or prints are ideas for women who have small butts, explains Maria Valentina. The lower waistband and applications help to make the butt stand out. See below what the models of these parts should look like:

Straight model: with pockets and details on the back;

Boyfriend model: because they are more loose, they disguise the hip region and even accentuate the thin legs, in addition to making the look more modern and stripped down;

Jeans model: with small pockets on the back just above the butt fold;

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Cargo model: with smaller and more discreet pockets;

Tailoring model: with knife pockets and pleats, the model is great for more classic women who work in formal environments;

Flare model: a good option to balance the proportions because they are wider from the knee down.


For Maria Valentina, above-the-knee and printed skirts are the ones that have the best effect. “The more round ones are more suitable, such as: flared, flared, pleated, ruffled, fit and flare”, she adds.

Skirts should have the waistband at the waistline, which helps to create the illusion of more volume in the region. “The peplum skirt model is the one that gives the most volume to the hip region. This model is
perfect to create romantic looks, in addition to carrying a vintage air”, explains the consultant.

Other good options are tailored skirts with a knife pocket and pleats, as well as a long skirt with a higher waist or well defined, of course, depending on the proportions of the woman’s body.

The game of hide and seek is the main tip to disguise a small butt, but the most important thing is to like your body the way it is and look for pieces that match your style and make you feel good.

Below is a gallery with some of the consultant’s suggestions for you to purchase now!

Tips to make your butt bigger

Practice physical activity, yes, working out and exercising help to increase the butt and gain centimeters in the region. Some bodybuilding exercises are specific to this area and not only make the butt bigger, but also leave it defined.

It is also worth betting on activities such as Pilates and other sports, if weight training is not to your liking. Today, there is no shortage of alternatives to exercise and define the body, just choose the one that best suits you and your lifestyle.

If even with this trick you still find that you need to disguise your small butt and just apply some of the tricks explained above.

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