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10 tips to save your relationship

At the beginning of the relationship, there is still a lot of curiosity for each other, as the couple does not yet know each other well and this fuels interest and passion. However, as the two begin to get to know each other better and spend more time together, it is common that this flame that was once more curiosity and passion ends up diminishing, transforming into more stable feelings.

However, even during this less intense phase of the relationship, it is still possible to recover that initial spirit with some attitudes. At this stage, the relationship starts to feel like it has “lost the fun” and that’s why it’s important to rescue those feelings from the beginning of the relationship. Here are 10 tips to save your relationship:

1. Say what you want

It is important that you let your partner know your wants and desires. Some women tend to believe that men guess what they want and like, but that’s not quite the case. So tell your partner what you like and want, don’t just wait for them to magically guess. Thus, you make the relationship more practical and avoid frustrations.

2. Respect differences

It is very normal for two people to have divergent interests, so be flexible and encourage this type of attitude as well. It is less stressful for a couple to negotiate between going to the theater one day and going to the movies on another than choosing just the activity that one enjoys the most. However, make clear your own limits in relation to these divergences of interests.

3. Have life beyond the relationship

During the relationship, many couples end up giving up their individual lives to live only for the sake of the other. Although this seems very interesting and delicious at first, after a while it can slowly kill the relationship. In view of this, try to maintain friendships outside the couple’s circle and go out with these friends without your partner. Also, keep your self-interest as it was before the relationship. This will keep you true to your independent life and your partner’s attraction to you.

4. Have fun together

If you already have a well-structured independent life, but still don’t do a lot of things together, try to find a common interest in the couple, as a hobby to practice together. This is a great way to get to know other aspects of your partner and relationship, in addition to the fact that you are together in a time that is not just about dating. Some suggestions for activities for two include physical activities, ballroom dancing or even volunteer work.

5. Seek harmony

Harmony in the relationship is extremely important. Couples in harmony respect each other, trust each other and this generates mutual admiration. To maintain this harmony, it is essential to believe in your partner and try to see their attitudes in the most positive light possible. Thus, the couple remains in a balance that is maintained even after many years of relationship.

6. Don’t be afraid of renewal

Another factor that makes the difference in couples is being open to novelties, couples who allow themselves to change and evolve. When one accepts the other’s change and respects it, the couple gains more strength in the relationship and both feel that they can do everything together. It is normal to be afraid of change. For example, when we start a new relationship, we expect that person every day to be the same as the first. But that would be extremely boring, not to mention that people are not robots. Accepting and absorbing the best of each other’s changes renews the couple and increases the duration of the relationship.

7. Think and act

Sometimes we believe that mentalizing something we want will make it happen. But, reflect, if you want a pot of ice cream and you think about it, the pot doesn’t come to you. The same goes for activities for two in a couple. If you want it, it’s important that the other knows it. Instead of thinking, expecting and demanding from your partner something he doesn’t even know you want, take action.

8 . share the tasks

If you already live together in the same house, let your partner realize the importance of the couple’s division of tasks. You can start by suggesting some simpler activities until he gets used to it and realizes he needs to collaborate. Some studies have shown that when a man helps around the house, a woman feels much more satisfied, even if he collaborates with few things like putting dirty clothes in place and not leaving the toilet seat up.

9. Take care of the look

We know that after a while, both men and women begin to relax and take care of themselves less. However, it is worth remembering that not only the relationship but also the appearance is important to maintain interest, especially in the sexual aspect of the couple. This way you feel more confident, you increase your self-esteem, because in addition to your partner, other men will also notice that you take care of yourself. And a confident couple has a better relationship.

10. Don’t give up

All these changes at first may not have an effect, or even, may seem impossible. But don’t be scared. Start small, as if you are slightly tempering your relationship. Don’t give up on the first failures, we know that we are afraid of change and that’s why we often fight against it. Still, insist, because it’s worth it if you love each other and intend to spend more time together.

Consider the type of relationship you have, try to remember the first few months of the relationship and what made those months special. It may be that today, you are no longer interested in those activities from the beginning, but remembering good times can inspire you to seek new ideas and to want to invest in this relationship so that it remains interesting and passionate for a long time.

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