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10 tips to improve your interpersonal relationship today

Interpersonal relationships are an important part of our life in society, so they are an aspect that deserves attention and care. When we relate to other people, we look for some specific characteristics so that we can feel comfortable in that relationship, so it’s only fair that we represent these qualities ourselves.

Being truthful, smiling and knowing how to listen are just some of the attitudes you can take to improve this sphere of your daily life. Here, you can find 10 tips to improve your communication skills with each other and to invest in these relationships. Check it out right now and don’t waste time!

The first step to having a good relationship with other people is having a good relationship with yourself. It is important to know yourself, thus understanding your habits, tastes and preferences. In this way, it is easier to know what your limits are within an interpersonal relationship.

2. Be honest

When relating to someone, honesty must always be present. Being true to the other is the way to create a relationship of trust and respect that has everything to be lasting.

3. listen

A relationship needs to be reciprocal, so just as it is important to open up, it is necessary to know how to listen. Pay attention when other people are talking, don’t look distracted or bored, and participate in a respectful way!

4. Maintain eye contact

There’s nothing more frustrating than talking to a person who won’t look you in the eye. Maintaining eye contact is one more factor needed to show interest in the other person. Put your cell phone aside and avoid being distracted by the environment.

5. Say good morning

Often, we don’t pay attention to small gestures. Saying good morning, hello, excuse me, please and thank you are attitudes that don’t require much, but that can convey a totally different image of who you are. Take care of the details!

6. Learn to learn and teach

Life in society exists so that we can share knowledge. Try to teach what you know to other people and learn from others what you don’t already know. Exchange is the best way to a good relationship.

7. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes means using a lot of empathy and knowing how to respect a space that is not yours! Be kind, don’t go beyond limits and if it’s very difficult to understand the pain of the other, know how to respect it.

8. Body language matters

In addition to taking care of what comes out of your mouth, it’s also important to take care of what your body says. Body language, despite being a form of non-verbal communication, speaks volumes about your interest and presence in a conversation.

9. Smile more

Smiling is also a simple and small attitude that can make a lot of difference in your daily life. Remember to smile at the people who live with you, this way, you will convey even more confidence and sympathy.

10. Deal with differences

Respect other people! Each human being is different and has its particularities, so it is extremely necessary to understand this and know how to deal with differences to ensure a good interpersonal relationship.

Whether at work or in your personal circle of friends, investing in your communication and relationship skills is extremely important. Don’t waste time and improve your socializing with others!

Mariana Bianchini

Graduated in Communication and Multimedia from the State University of Maringá. Content creator about entertainment and pop culture on the internet. She can sing every Taylor Swift song. And if she could, she would be at Disney.

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