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10 Things that were stigmatized in the past and are now well accepted by society — or even become a trend

Feeling dissatisfied with your appearance and style is unfortunately quite common for most women. Many, when looking in the mirror, start looking for “flaws” and often end up finding them. However, we must not forget that we are all beautiful in our own way and that fashion and trends are constantly changing, our particularities being the strong point that distinguishes us from others.

We, from incredible.club, we would like to remind you that everything that today is considered “non-standard” was once seen as a trend, and vice versa. Therefore, we shouldn’t look for flaws in ourselves, but accept ourselves the way we are – beautiful. Check out!

Outlined fox eyes

The fox eye liner is very popular these days. Well, celebrities undoubtedly set trends, and many ended up identifying with this eyeliner style after seeing it being used by Bella Hadid.

greek foot

Gone are the days when owners of Greek feet pondered whether or not to go outside in open shoes, although this topic still pops up periodically on online forums. This foot shape, by the way, was considered the ideal in antiquity, and later it was still very much portrayed in the masterpieces of Botticelli and Michelangelo. Therefore, one should not be ashamed of it.

Colored strands in hair

Having colored streaks in your hair is not a trend restricted to teenagers only. After all, the painted locks, in addition to highlighting the look, still give the woman an extra touch of style. Not to mention that dyeing your hair with two colors has become quite popular lately.

Skinny legs

Of course, nowadays many women might even doubt that having thin legs was once considered a bad thing in the past. Fortunately, nowadays this is no longer a problem, and all women can feel free to wear skirts and clothes that show off their legs exactly as nature gave them.

Wavy and curly hair

Although it still happens, in the old days very wavy and curly hair was frowned upon, and many women spent hours in front of the dryer and flat irons to straighten them. Fortunately this has changed a lot, and girls with these hair types have become the envy of others.

An internet user with beautiful wavy hair posted pictures on an online forum saying: “My mother and my fiancé didn’t like my bangs, but I’m very happy.”

tattoos and piercings

The impulsive fascination with tattoos, like when everyone seemed to want to get a butterfly on their hip or a heart on their wrist, is apparently wearing off. And with it the stereotype that tattoos and piercings are expressions of subcultures. After all, if made by professionals, they can be true artistic, affective and authentic expressions.

The universe of tattoos can be quite diverse, which allows, for example, to immortalize favorite cartoon characters from childhood. About the tattoo above, an internet user commented on an online forum: “Incredible! What a way to pay tribute to our precious childhood.”

beige coats

Beige coats are an undeniable trend and one of those clothes that never seem to go out of style. However, ten years ago this love for beige was even called “madness”.

be left handed

Being left-handed means being part of a worldwide community that even has its own holiday — International Left-Handed Day, which is celebrated every August 13th. In addition, celebrities such as Keanu Reeves, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and many others are part of this group.

Tall boots with light dresses

Recently, conservatives in the fashion world have had to content themselves not only with the popularization of the combination of coats and sneakers, but also with the fact that women are increasingly opting for rustic high-top boots to wear with light dresses, in place of elegant sandals.

be tall

Surely everyone who is tall has had to deal with a few nicknames during their school days. But, with maturity, all this loses importance as we understand that height means nothing, being just a physical characteristic. That’s not to mention that tall women have just as many opportunities as everyone else, being represented in the worlds of film, modeling, and even sports. Maria Sharapova, for example, is 1.88 m, and Uma Thurman is 1.8 m.

When I was in school, I was really ashamed of being tall and having long legs. The worst was always PE class, where the teacher lined up by height and people made fun of me for always being first. I had a colleague who said: “Tall women are for work, small ones are for love”. Ten years later, I found her at the supermarket working the cash register. Whether you go to work or not is decided by fate, family finances, luck or anything else, but not height.

What other stereotypes would you add to our list? What physical characteristic defines you the most? Tell us in the comments section.

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