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10 sites to calm down

Listening to the sound of nature and relaxing music is a great way to quell anxiety.
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1. The website http://birdsong.fm/index.html offers birdsongs that help you to disconnect at the time of mental turmoil. General instructions say to use headphones, avoid distractions, and sit comfortably to listen and relax. On the upper right side of the screen, a discreet icon appears that opens options for downloading audio in MP3, iPod and iPhone.

2. On YouTube, search for Peace Mantra: Om Shanti Om and learn from Indian traditions a way to calm down that is very different from ours in the western world. You mantras they are used in meditation and must be repeated several times to act in our mind and bring tranquility. In this video, they are sung for an hour.

3. In radio zenthe program is specially designed to relax and meditate🇧🇷 The effect is instantaneous. The radio offers a series of instrumental music and high quality sound, with more than 70 good options. You can select one of the tracks or leave the radio on to hear the sequence automatically.

4. If you are looking for free mobile apps that have music and sounds of nature to calm down, go straight to Relax Melodies🇧🇷 The application is ideal for listening before bed, meditating or doing yoga🇧🇷 Anyone who wants can program the time and even an alarm (choose one that is very smooth, of course).

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5. Search YouTube for the Relax Music Japanese – Relajación Música – Beautiful Flowers and take your mind to to stroll in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world: the Ashikaga Flower Park. In addition to relaxing oriental music, you will see stunning flowers, some very rare, such as the giant wisteria.

6. The www.donothingfor2minutes.com (do nothing for 2 minutes) invites you to stop everything and simply surrender to the calming sounds that come from the sea. A delight… And you don’t even need to mark the minutes on your watch, as they are indicated on the screen. What you should really avoid is using the mouse or keyboard so as not to interrupt your relaxation time.

7. The http://thequietplaceproject.com/ (Projeto Lugar Tranquilo) leads you to get in touch with yourself. It’s interactive, humorous and has fans all over the world. The opening is in English and you first need to click on the phrase “the quiet place”, on the bottom bar. On the next page, click on the Brazilian flag to read in Portuguese, improve your mood and relieve stress!

8. For those who want variety, the Ambient Mixer it’s perfect. There is the sound of a lit fireplace, a ship passing in the distance, a train station… When opening the page, there is a bar on the right with a list of categories, such as nature, religion, human life, environment. In the relaxing category, there is even music for babies to sleep (“Gentle sounds that put your child to bed”). The site is in easy English and the themes are illustrated by images. Don’t be impressed by the control box for mixing sounds. It doesn’t interfere with anything – it can even be closed!

9. Gregorian chant is known for its calming and comforting effect. It is worth putting the “Gregorian Chant Benedictinos” in the YouTube search and listening to the Ave Mundi Spes Maria (Hail Mary, Hope of the World). The interpretation is by the Benedictine monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain.

10. No Silk Interactive Generative Artyou turn off anxiety drawing while listening to relaxing electronic music. Start by clicking on “draw something”. When opening the page, click on the ball at the top and see the color and dot tools. The more dots, the more lines will be formed. Afterwards, just move the mouse and make drawings – use blue and green to calm down even more. Oh! You can save your artwork to your computer and also purchase the iPhone and iPad app.

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