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10 Signs He’ll Make a Good Dad

You are married, dating or hooked up with a man who is the one you would like to be the father of your children. However, sometimes you wonder if he really would be a good father for them.

To help you solve this doubt, here are some signs that a man gives that he can be a good father in the future. Check if your cat has any of these characteristics, and try to find out if he also shares your desire to have children. Well, if he doesn’t have that desire, there’s no point in him fulfilling all the requirements of a possible good father.

1 – He likes pictures and videos of kids and babies

If he loves watching videos of cute babies on the internet and can’t help but admire photos of children, there’s a good chance he’s a good father because he already sympathizes with the little ones.

2 – He likes to take care of the babies in the family

If he doesn’t mind taking care of babies or children in the family like cousins ​​and nephews, this is already a sign that he gets along well with children and could be a golden father.

3 – He helped take care of younger siblings and cousins

Men who take care of their younger brothers soon learn how to handle babies and children at each stage and already have a better idea of ​​what it’s like to be a father than a man who never had to take care of his younger brother.

4 – He knows how to adapt to adverse situations

A good parent has to know what to do when things don’t go as planned. Anyone who has children knows that things won’t always turn out as expected, so it’s important to have the ability to adapt to every situation that may arise.

5 – He’s a homebody and doesn’t mind spending the weekend without going out

When you have a child, especially in the early years of the child’s life, parents often have to stay at home and miss out on some program they could be doing. If your cat doesn’t mind missing a few party weekends, that’s it.

6 – He doesn’t have tantrums when something isn’t right

Another characteristic of exemplary parents is knowing how to deal with the intemperes of life without getting excited or being violent. After all, no one wants a father who beats his son or who exaggerates verbal violence, right?

7 – He is affectionate and knows how to show the love he feels

Knowing how to show affection and make the other realize how much they are loved is a trait of parents who know how to please their children and value them. Who doesn’t like having a father who says he loves his son every day, right?

8 – He likes and knows how to work in a team

One of the characteristics that a good father must have is knowing how to work in a team. But, why? Because while the mother prepares the baby’s milk, the father changes the diaper and so on. Or even, to take turns who wakes up at dawn to see if everything is okay and feed the child.

9 – He has no addictions and leads a healthy life

Not smoking and not drinking alcohol frequently are desirable qualities in a parent. Not having addictions means less exposure of your child to these unhealthy habits. In addition, leading a healthy lifestyle serves as an example for your child to grow accustomed to and take this culture into adulthood.

10 – He knows or likes to cook

Another attribute that can be considered a “plus” for a parent is knowing how to cook. If he can also help in this aspect, you can even leave him alone with the child without having to worry about feeding the little one.

It is worth remembering that if the boy does not have these characteristics it does not mean that he will not be a good father. However, if he has them, there is a good chance he will be an exemplary father.

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