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10 reasons to love your body regardless of your physical size

Your body is the material realization of your existence. From the beginning it is already a miracle, the abode of your soul and your painting for the world. There are plenty of reasons to love him. Loving your body is about accepting life and nature.

It turns out that external pressures, fashion and beauty standards imposed by society can often be oppressive and influence our personal satisfaction. For starters, the worst mistake we make is being guided by the media. This involves any type of media, be it television, magazines and even shop windows. People constantly want to be like out of a mold, but the reality is that truly authentic individuals are the ones that command the most attention.

“We live in an era of image worship. So, let’s be frank, it’s very difficult not to run into dissatisfaction and frustrating realizations of the unattainable search for the ideal of good shape.”, comments psychologist Pâmela Magalhães.

On the other hand, aware of the reality of the modern world and its practically unattainable model of beauty, she proposes that we relax and try to recognize ourselves in what we have, are and can build with real and palpable resources: that he is, thin, plump, long, with culottes, a lot of butt, little butt, a lot of breasts, little breasts, and so on. What really matters is that we appropriate the body that belongs to us and try to have the best it can give us, respecting our desires, possibilities, limitations and restrictions”.

Advertising usually standardizes people’s image to be better absorbed by consumers. But just look on the street and see, the great and beautiful diversity of physical types and traits of the population. Remember that these physical characteristics of magazines are often far from reality.

And don’t think that because you don’t fit the standard of beauty dictated by the media that no one will be attracted to you. Almost no one is looking for a magazine photo, but for nice and real people to share good times with. Need more reasons to love your body? Read on for great reasons why you should love and accept your body exactly the way it is.

1. Your body is perfect as it is

Have you ever stopped to think about all the complexity of the human body? Your body is an incredible machine, the most advanced technology ever seen. Systems that interconnect and provide life depending on little effort on your part, in addition to intelligence and the five human senses that allow us to have incredible sensations.

In the case of women, we still have the possibility and the energy to generate a life within us, a baby that for nine months inside of us depends on our body, our machine, to nourish itself and grow. How not to love such a complex and miraculous system? Her body is perfect just the way it is, from its birth until the moment it reaches the limit allowed by humanity.

2. He is the painting of your life

Since you were born – childhood, puberty, adolescence and maturity – your body accumulates what you went through, it is the portrait of your story. Your expression lines tell how much you laughed or cried, the mark on your shoulder from the fall you took on that trip, or your knee that no longer bears so much weight after so many years playing volleyball. His entire trajectory is stamped on his body and he is a source of pride for showing his story to the world.

Many of our physical characteristics are inherited from our relatives, and are part of our family history. Therefore, it is best to be proud of some family characteristics, rather than wanting to be something different from your genetic matrix.

3. It is unique and exclusive

Your body is yours, exclusive, unique, it has no equal shape. Even if someone tries to be like you or you are like someone else, this will be an impossible task, either on the outside or on the inside.

This is already a great reason for you to love your body, the greatest gift that nature has given you. Every part of him, from the shape of his feet to the color of his hair, is all uniquely his.

4. You will be much more attractive

Confidence and self-esteem are much more attractive than a “good ass”. Oops, but do they look at your ass first, then at your conscience? Well, in this case, it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to attract someone’s attention the most: a detail in your body, or your mind, your ideas and your behavior.

When you are happy with your body and know how to value it, your charisma will increase significantly and you will be much more attractive in the eyes of others. Psychologist Pâmela Magalhães suggests that you “emphasize what is good in your body and not be constantly looking for faults or collecting criticism. Be less demanding and highlight your virtues, improving more and more what you have and are proud of it”.

5. It is he who accompanies you for life

Your partner at all times (everyone!), your body is there to allow you to live and feel everything that a human being is capable of. This miraculous machine makes us wake up in the morning, feel the wind on our skin, the aromas and pleasures of life.

Even if sometimes the body asks for a ‘potty’ and gets sick or weak (which, most of the time, is due to our lack of precaution), it’s already amazing how well it works and in a complex way without us having to do much effort beyond eating and breathing. We have every reason to thank our bodies, but most of all, the chance to be alive and healthy.

6. The more you love yourself, the more others will love you too

Everyone already knows that the more self-esteem, the more attractive and bright we become. If you come to accept your body and respect it, this satisfaction will certainly be radiant and perceived by others. Instead of focusing on your flaws, value your strengths and you’ll see that others start to do that too.

You might even think this is slash force. But if you think a little, you will be able to list several people who are outside the standards of aesthetics of the magazines, but who are charming, attractive and popular. This effect is given by self-sufficiency, security and true self-esteem.

7. Your life wouldn’t be much different

Yes, because those who love you and are truly interested in you would act the same way, whether you were thinner or fatter. That physical change you crave so much wouldn’t change who you are and the qualities others see in you.

8. If we love others unconditionally, why not ourselves?

Our bodies are not infallible, they are prone to problems, disease and inevitably age. Think about who you love. Would you stop loving this person if they were overweight or underweight considered “ideal”, had wrinkles or were getting “bald”? No way, right? So why not be like that with yourself? Possessing these characteristics and escaping aesthetic standards should not be considered bad, but natural.

Because we are inside our bodies, we see defects that often others don’t even notice, because they don’t approach us looking for someone perfect. We tend to be stricter when it comes to ourselves, but the way we see ourselves is not the same as how people see us.

9. You will be healthier

By loving your body and accepting it for what it is, your desire to take care of it will certainly be greater. At the same time, taking care of your health, the reward will be an improvement in the quality of life.

Exercise to feel better at specific points, and in this way you contribute to your health and self-esteem. Put your body to the test with good things, a race, or an amusement park whatever. Understanding the strength of your body will make you perceive it in another way.

10. You will be happier

You will never be satisfied if you are not at peace with your body. If you don’t accept your body and the way it is, this negativity will never let you be truly happy.

Love yourself and realize how life will be so much more enlightened and colorful. When your mind and body are connected in peace, happiness can enter your life like a ray of sunshine.

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