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10 racy WhatsApp pranks to get in the mood

Spicy jokes are perfect for those who want to heat up the relationship and make the desired person crazy with their provocations. They are even better if sent by Whatsapp, causing more sexual tension before you meet. Want to start the fun now? Then check out this selection of games and wait for an exciting response!

1. What is your favorite position?

How about innovating in sexual positions and finding out which one to test tonight? When sending this image on Whatsapp to the desired person, make sure that he is also on the same wavelength as you and is someone whose trust has already been established. After she answers what her favorite number is, just keep the conversation going!

2. Choose a mouth


After sending the prank to your crush, wait for him or her to respond before sending the answers for your chosen numbers. Remember, it’s not to force anyone to do what they don’t want to do, okay?

3. Call center of love

Send it to the person you want and say, “How about playing call center? You press the key and I grant your wish!” – just don’t forget to fulfill the promise to receive 5 stars at the end of the call…

4. The forbidden fruit

Can you imagine sending this in a whatsapp group? If you’re the bold type, just upload the image and wait for the responses. If not, ask them to answer you in private and wait for the hot answers!

5. Who is wet?

This one is for rainy days: send the image or options to the contact and wait for a response with one or more numbers. Then, just find out if the expectations are similar, right?

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6. Spicing up the conversation


Here are twenty peppers. Each keeps a secret. Now it’s up to you: send the game and ask your partner to choose one or more numbers. Then, just send the phrase of the chosen number and develop a very spicy conversation!

7. Truth game

This is one of the spicy pranks that will help you unravel something more. Ask the person to choose a number from 1 to 5 and send the respective question. Repeat the process until you and she have answered all the questions. The best thing is that together you can define the prize when you finish…

8. Get the color right

Have you ever thought about working the imagination of the person you want so much? So send this message very unpretentiously and wait for a guess. If she gets it right, you can even send a photo to confirm…

9. Sex game

This one is very simple: just send the image above and challenge the desired person to answer all the questions. If she succeeds, you choose what to give…

10. Truth or Dare

To play, just propose to your crush that they play Truth or Dare. If the person chooses truth, ask the question you want them to answer. If you choose challenge, ask to choose a number from 1 to 15 and send the challenge corresponding to the chosen number. Continue the game until the end of the challenges – or as long as you can, because the temperature is sure to rise in the meantime.

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Liked? So run into the conversation with that special someone and test out these saucy pranks… When you meet up, the weather will be so hot that a great idea is to get to the top with dirty talk. What about?

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