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10 maria-mole pudding recipes for an irresistible dessert

Very traditional at the Brazilian table, maria-mole is nothing more than a sweet whose main ingredients are sugar, snow whites and colorless gelatin. It can be bought ready-made, in boxes of different flavors, or prepared at home.

Maria-mole is an invention of Antonio Bergamo, a descendant of Italians who made sweets in São Paulo. He was looking for a way to use up the egg whites, and when he added gelatin to the mix, he found that the result was a candy that didn’t harden. That’s where the name maria-mole came from. Cool huh?

Using the maria-mole you can make a delicious pudding that doesn’t go in the oven and needs just a few steps to prepare. It’s one of those quick desserts that everyone loves.

The maria-mole pudding can have different versions and flavors. Having the same base of ingredients, it is possible to put your imagination to work and mix the flavors that most please your taste. The syrup can also be whatever you prefer, from the traditional caramel sugar to fruit jam or chocolate shavings. It’s mouth watering!

Check out 10 recipes for maria-mole pudding that are super easy to make. The hardest part will be waiting for the hours the pudding needs to stay in the fridge – but the wait is worth it, that’s for sure!

1. Traditional maria-mole pudding: this one is one of those desserts that melt in your mouth, you know? The pudding itself does not need an oven or stove, just a blender and refrigerator. The syrup consists of sugar and water, which are cooked together until it turns into a caramel.

2. Maria-mole pudding with coconut: tasty pudding, with a delicious texture and easy to make. How not to love? Dissolve the maria-mole in hot milk, hit the ingredients in a blender, refrigerate until hardened. Sprinkle with grated coconut and enjoy. 😉

3. Maria-mole pudding with caramel: pudding that doesn’t go in the oven? Yea! For those who love a practical recipe, this is ideal! The secret of this pudding is the caramel sauce, made with a cup of sugar over low heat.

4. Maria-mole pudding with caramel and coconut: looking for a quick and delicious recipe? He thought! To prepare it, you need vanilla essence, grated coconut, a box of maria-mole, hot milk, sugar, a box of cream and a box of condensed milk.

5. Maria-mole pudding with a touch of vanilla: one recipe, two versions. What changes is your preference: more vanilla or more coconut? Spoiler: both options are full of flavor and mega practical.

6. Maria-mole pudding with passion fruit syrup: how about betting on a different syrup for your maria-mole pudding? In this recipe, the author placed a passion fruit jelly with mint in a bain-marie, to soften, and spread it over the pudding. Hmmmmm!

7. Maria-mole pudding with chocolate syrup: a recipe that uses chocolate as an ingredient is a guarantee of success! The syrup is made with milk and semisweet chocolate. To make the pudding, you can replace the cream with yogurt.

8. Chocolate maria-mole pudding: for chocolate lovers, a delicious option. If you don’t want to use the maria-mole in a box, you can replace it with unflavored gelatin and chocolate powder. Decorate your pudding with white chocolate shavings.

9. Maria-mole pudding with plum syrup: this recipe can also be called coconut manjar. However, she doesn’t need to go to the fire! If you don’t like plums, you can try making the syrup in another flavor, or pouring some condensed milk over the pudding, sprinkling with grated coconut. It’s special!

10. Fake maria-mole pudding: the same flavor as a nice milk pudding, but without having to put it in the oven. Standing applause! And for your pudding to be even more beautiful, try preparing it in mini molds. It’s a charm when serving dessert.

Did you like these recipes? The best part is that they are all very simple and even those who are not very familiar with the kitchen can prepare. Try it at home and cool off with this delight!

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