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10 Golden Rules Every Elegant Woman Should Follow When Wearing High Heels

We love heels! Impossible not to like, since they look great with most clothes, in addition to making the figure and the woman more elegant. But… in many cases these shoes hurt, are uncomfortable or our feet just can’t get used to them. However, there are many ways to avoid these inconveniences to be able to use them whenever you want, such as choosing the right size, the right sole and the ideal heel height so as not to harm your body.

O awesome.club brings ten tips so you can wear high heels with style and, at the same time, take care of your feet. Follow!

1. Make sure you wear shoes that are your size.

How many times do we fall in love with a high heel model that has a different size than our foot? Probably many and we always try to taste them (although we know in advance that they won’t fit). But shoe sizes exist to make it easier to choose the most suitable one, and this is especially true for those with high heels. If the model is small on your foot, forget about it, there is no way to fix it. If it’s too big for you, your foot will slide forward, causing discomfort in your toes, but that’s fixable. There are some tips on how to wear bigger shoes without feeling uncomfortable. For example, you can put silicone insoles in them, preventing your foot from sliding forward.

2. Identify your foot type and find the most suitable footwear

For this, you should always try on the pair (not just one) as, in general, our feet have a minimal difference in size. Wear them with the type of socks you intend to wear, especially if they are tights. If you can do this in the afternoon or at night, it will be better, because at those times the feet are more swollen. Follow this tip so you don’t have an unpleasant surprise later. Always check that there is room for the toes, that it does not fit the width and that the heel is comfortable and does not slip. Remember that the shoe must fit your foot, not the other way around.

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3. The thicker the heel, the better!

Let’s face it: stiletto heels aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world. But, in addition, it is not good for the body, since, being very thin, all the weight falls on the metatarsus (five bones just behind the toes), generating a lot of pressure in the same place. In the long run, you could end up injuring yourself with this style of footwear. If the heel is thicker, the weight is shared with the ankle, in addition to providing greater stability.

4. Don’t hesitate to wear animal-print, flowery, and colorful heels

Although sometimes it’s hard to get excited and get out of the classic colors, it’s never too late to be daring! Printed shoes combine very well with different outfits and give style to your look🇧🇷 For example, animal print heels go great with black, white, beige, dark green, orange, purple, pink, and denim. It’s just a matter of venturing out.

5. Learn to walk in heels

There are shoes that are uncomfortable and not easy to use to walk safely. There is no doubt that if you trip, in addition to risking injury, you will also lose your style entirely. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, in another post on awesome.club there are some tips to be able to walk comfortably wearing high heels, even with the thinnest heels and without suffering (or suffering less) when trying.

6. Include ankle boots in your wardrobe

Long boots and high heels are a classic and continue to be in fashion over time, as they are beautiful and combine very well with different outfits. A great example was given by Monica Geller, in Friends. Do you remember the chapter where she spends most of her salary on a pair of boots? They were beautiful! But she couldn’t walk without pain (although she looked sensational). That’s why we recommend that when choosing the ideal pair of boots, in addition to being beautiful, they should also be comfortable.

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7. Get pedicure treatments

A pedicure not only takes care of the health of your feet, but also of their beauty. Among its tasks are to relieve the stress of the feet and revitalize the skin. If you feel like it or have time to take care of your feet, you can read this post from awesome.club with great tips on how to make it at home using simple ingredients.

8. Avoid skinny heels

Thin and flat soles are not good for the body as they can damage the metatarsals. In addition, if the shoe does not have any type of heel, it can increase the problem of flat feet (a disease in which the arch of the foot collapses, causing all or almost all of the sole of the foot to have contact with the ground). Ideally, the sole should be made of rubber, a material that provides stability and cushioning, and the shoe should have a heel of between three and four centimeters.

9. Choose shoes with the right grip

We know that it’s impossible to achieve this with all the shoes we use, but it’s ideal that they have at least some kind of grip to avoid sprains or strains. The back must be closed and have a heel adjustment. If the shoe is open, such as a sandal, it is best to have a strap below the ankle to provide this grip.

10. Give preference to a model with medium heels

With bare feet, our body weight is divided. About 43% is supported by the two metatarsals, while the remaining 57% rests on the heels. If we are talking about a heel four centimeters high, the weight will be moderately proportional, but as the heel increases, the metatarsal receives more weight. If the heel is more than ten centimeters high, we are already talking about 90% of your body weight supported by the metatarsus, which can reach 100%, depending on the shoe. Therefore, we recommend not to abuse heels, but if you need to wear them daily, look for a model with thick heels and a height of about four centimeters.

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What type of footwear do you usually wear most often? Do you have any other tips to share with our team? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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