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10 forms of communication that can improve the relationship with teenagers

Marking the transition between childhood and adulthood, adolescence itself brings, in addition to physical changes, emotional changes. The search for identity, choices that will affect the future (whether positively or not), the will to be independent. A phase that can be confusing, not only for teenagers but also for parents and guardians, who will need to adjust in order to maintain a healthy environment for both parties.

Knowing that our words have power and can affect a person’s life, especially children and adolescents, we at awesome.club We’ve put together some situations that can happen and how to change positively to develop a healthy relationship between parents and children.

1. You will understand when you are an adult

You probably heard that phrase during your teenage years, but the fact is, you can’t predict the future. This may sound like a frustrating answer, after all, you cannot say that your child will understand that situation when he grows up. However, bring serenity when you are talking, bringing a reasonable and reasoned opinion.

2. Me at your age…

You have to understand that times have changed, what was sensational when you were younger will not necessarily bring the same pleasure to your child. Remember that each person is unique, and constantly comparing your time with theirs will only make them do the same to you. Therefore, try to participate positively in your children’s lives and activities, this will show that you are also interested in what they do.

3. The front door serves the house. But if you go, don’t come back

Children who are out of control need controlled parents. Threatening them doesn’t exactly mean they will obey you. On the contrary, in some cases they may even accept the bet and leave the house. Arrogant parents often have arrogant children, creating an unhealthy environment. To have respect you need to respect too. Say you understand him, even if you don’t agree with his attitudes. By doing this, you will notice a positive change in your teen’s behavior.

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4. You look like a kid

In this transition phase, it is common for some childish behaviors to still happen, after all, it is not overnight that the teenager will become an adult with many responsibilities. But when we say they still look like children, they will act like children. It’s as if we put little faith in them that they are free to break the rules. In some cases, by giving them a little freedom, that’s when they can prove that they won’t do anything stupid. Demonstrate a firm stance without being bossy.

5. You really have no way

Saying that a person is hopeless is like saying that effort is pointless because it will be useless and he is doomed to failure throughout his life. Exaggerating the charge, using words without wisdom, will not make your child become a successful adult. Instead, say there will be a way, just don’t give up. Be present, support him in adversity and help him in his difficulties.

6. My son will have the profession that ‘I’ want

When you were a teenager, you might have heard this phrase from your parents. You had plans for the future, but your family had others for you, and so you ended up feeling frustrated. Young people care about their parents’ opinion, even if they don’t show it. Talk to your child, have a good dialogue, allowing him to express the reasons why he chose this profession. It is normal that, at first, both are insecure about the proposed career, but it is necessary to remember that it is the young person who will dedicate himself to a certain subject for years, to then practice the profession.

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7. Every day I have to repeat the same thing

Rules and boundaries must be established as long as your children are dependent on you. However, saying the same thing every day may not have the desired effect, and in some cases may just irritate, sounding like a lecture and thus starting an argument that could be avoided. Show that you need to work as a team, impose clear rules that need to be complied with. In addition, it is advisable for everyone in the household to model the required behavior.

8. You don’t do anything right

By saying that, you undermine your child’s confidence, no matter how old he is. In addition to making him feel useless, avoiding any kind of obligation, after all “why would I do something if I don’t do anything right?”. Does your child try to do something but it doesn’t come out right the first time? Instead of saying something negative, say a simple but positive word, such as: “try one more time, I’m sure he will succeed”. Have empathy, allow him to try to do some task, be beside him giving instructions, after all, no one was born knowing how to do something, right?!

9. Don’t meddle where you don’t belong

It is possible that in some cases a teenager wants to distance himself from his parents not just because he has grown up and wants to be independent, but simply because some parents do not allow dialogue, pushing him away with negative words such as “don’t get involved where you don’t belong” or “that It’s a conversation between adults.” Tell your child that his opinion matters too, create an environment where he can be a part of, and when a more serious problem appears, he will tell you. Teens want to be heard and understood.

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10. You are just like so and so

Have you noticed that whenever there is a conflict between parents and teenagers, one of those responsible ends up comparing the child with a relative who does something that displeases him? We don’t always notice this error when they are angry, but yes, they have the power to affect a person, especially at this stage when they are maturing. After all, no one likes to be compared. Change your habits and, instead of negatively comparing a teenager, value their qualities

How do you go about building a positive relationship with your teens? Tell us in the Comments Section?

Note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and/or factual inaccuracies.

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