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10 Foods That Look Healthy But Aren’t

Making smart dietary changes is a great way to lose weight in a healthy way. But the “light” world may have some pitfalls that deserve attention when making your choices.

It is necessary to observe if these exchanges are really being positive for your diet. For example, is changing soda for juice box healthier? It depends. Some industrialized juices can contain the same amount of sugar present in soft drinks, or even more! And the cereal bars between meals? They are not always good snack options.

Many foods look good, but they contain many substances that are harmful to health. With the industrialization process, they gained excess sugar, salt and additives, and they may not be as healthy as you think.

Nutritionist Marina Donadi has created a list of 10 foods that seem healthy, but are not always. And she guides: it is not necessary to stop consuming these items, just be more attentive to the labels. Check out:

1. Cereal bar

They are practical and tasty, so they promise to be a great snack option. And, in fact, there are cereal bars that contain low calories, are a source of fiber, give energy, increase the feeling of satiety and help with the functioning of the intestine. But it’s not always like that. Some are composed primarily of chocolate, are full of fat, sugar, calories and have no fiber. Nutritionist Marina Donadi gives the tip: to choose good options, keep an eye on the label. The first ingredient on the list is the one that is present in the greatest amount in the product, so look for brands where fiber is at the beginning of the list. It is also important to look at the amount of saturated fat (bad fat) and sodium present in the product. Even looking for good options, it is not recommended to eat this food too often, as they contain preservatives and processed grains instead of whole grains.

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2. Diet products

If you were betting on “diet” foods as a good option for weight loss, you were wrong! This type of product is only recommended for people who have dietary restrictions, such as diabetics, who cannot ingest sugar. Often, in order for diet food to maintain consistency and flavor, the lack of sugar is compensated for with fat, which can make it even more caloric than the regular version. For those who want to lose weight, light products are more suitable, as they have a reduced amount of calories. Still, it is not good to consume in excess, as they are usually full of sodium and sweeteners, which are also harmful to health.

3. Zero soft drink

Zero soft drinks, despite having no calories, contain a series of chemicals in their formula that are harmful to health, such as dyes, acidulants, preservatives and sweeteners, not to mention the high levels of sodium, which increase blood pressure and retain fluid. . The ideal is to eliminate them from your routine for good!

4. Juice box

Many people substitute sodas for juice boxes, but they are not as healthy as they seem. These juices generally contain a lot of sugar. And, even in the light versions, many chemical additives are present in their composition, such as dyes, preservatives and sodium. In addition, the properties found in fruits, such as fiber and vitamins, are lost in the industrialization process. The ideal is to make natural juices! The pulp ones are also better options than the box ones.

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5. Teas in a tin

Canned teas also have high amounts of sugar or sweetener, as do diet sodas. Some teas are still rich in caffeine, a substance that can cause insomnia and anxiety. Once again, home-brewed teas are much better options.

6. Sachet soups

As can be seen in this list, the great villains of these foods are the chemical additives placed in the industrialization process. Powdered soups have dyes, preservatives and especially a lot of sodium. Some exceed the recommended value for the whole day. Although they are very practical, they do not have fiber or good nutrients. The nutritionist’s suggestion, in this case, is to make a homemade soup and freeze small portions.

7. Turkey breast

Sliced ​​turkey breast is very handy for snacking, so it can be a good lean protein option. However, it is an embedded food and therefore loaded with sodium. Some brands contain almost the recommended daily amount. It may even contain nitrites and nitrates, which are carcinogenic chemicals. Therefore, it is better to opt for brands with less sodium and avoid frequent consumption of this food.

8. “Fake” Wholemeal Breads

Some “multi-grain” breads appeal to the consumer because they seem healthy, but they are not always. Many are made with refined grains, and do not have the benefits of whole-grain breads. Once again, look at the label and the list of ingredients: wholemeal flour should be the first item on the list and therefore the one that is present in the greatest amount. According to the nutritionist, 100% whole-grain breads are the most suitable.

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9. Salad dressings

To give a special taste to the salad, nothing better than a ready-made dressing. Right? Wrong! You have to keep an eye out when filling your salad with industrialized dressing, as they can compromise the diet. The nutritionist warns that these sauces are high in calories, in addition to chemicals and excessive amounts of salt. So, when seasoning your salad, opt for homemade seasonings, such as herbs, olive oil, vinegar, lemon and salt (but not in excess).

10. Shakes to replace meals

Shakes don’t always have the balanced amount of nutrients to replace a meal. In addition, a liquid meal brings less satiety, making you eat more “snacks” out of time. For Marina Donadi, the ideal is to maintain a balanced diet, which contains fruits and vegetables, lean meats and complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains). Thus, it is possible to obtain a much healthier weight loss!

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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