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10 fashion looks with the kaftan, a ‘modern tunic’

With a timeless cut and friendly to the most different bodies, the kaftan has fallen in the taste of women, including celebrities, from all over the world. Understand where this piece came from and check out the most different forms it can take, as well as inspirations for using it on a daily basis:

Kaftan: from the ancient world to the catwalks

The kaftan is nothing more than a fashionable piece rescued from the 9th century AD It is a variant of the tunic and robe, originally used in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and has been appropriated by different cultures over the last millennium . Today, the kaftan can be seen in the daily lives of Brazilian women at outdoor events, malls, beaches and even on the catwalks, in fashion shows.

Colorful, neutral, open or long: thousands of kaftan styles to wear

Over the years, the kaftan entered the wardrobe of Brazilian women and started to be seen in stores in the most different formats – mainly to compose a boho chic look (a more artisanal style, which values ​​​​comfort and recalls the hippie movement. ). Kaftans can be short or long, cropped or not, open in the front or closed, patterned or plain, and in all possible colors and fabrics. Check out some models and where to buy them:

1. The kaftan is a super versatile piece

2. There are beach models

3. Colorful and relaxed

4. Even more sober and chic models

5. Prints are Kaftan’s trademark

6. And with a lot of creativity

7. The piece will look beautiful in your wardrobe

You can see that the variations of the piece are infinite and serve the most different occasions and climates. There are kaftans for all tastes!

They wear: 10 looks with kaftan to get inspired

Still not convinced about the kaftan? See some famous personalities and common women who bet on the fashion item to compose the look:

1. The kaftan is a modern piece

2. That gives a new face to the old tunics

3. Traditional in the Middle East

4. Now you find them all over the world

5. With long and conventional kaftan models

6. Like this beautiful kaftan by blogger Thássia Neves

7. Other simpler ones, with emphasis on the silk of the fabric

8. The vibrant colors of the kaftan delight everyone

9. And prints are not left out of this trend

10. Use and abuse kaftan in your looks!

The kaftan has fallen in the taste of national and international celebrities, and can enter your wardrobe too. And, now that you know how to wear it, see also inspirations from another piece that came back from the time tunnel, the corset dress.

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