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10 fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great inspiration tool. There, there is an endless amount of interesting people to follow and who share beautiful images. You can find pictures of beautiful places, cute animals and amazing people there. It’s a real dream world.

When you follow the right people, it can be a perfect place to find fashion photography that helps your creativity to make you look amazing. But there are so many fashion bloggers that it’s hard to know which ones you can’t unfollow.

To help those who are looking for amazing and super inspiring images, we selected the 10 fashion bloggers that you can’t unfollow and that will make you fall in love with their universe. See below and find out why you can’t help but follow them.

1. Camila Coelho

One of the most successful Brazilian bloggers, Camila Coelho is one of the people you can’t miss on your Instagram. Owner of the blog Super Vaidosa, Camila has an incredible style, which mixes romanticism and sensuality in the right measure.

In addition to the ready-to-copy looks, the blogger also gives on her Instagram some infallible beauty tips and, by living in the United States, you have the opportunity to see different places, with lots of snow, looks with coats and beauty launches at first. hand.

2. Thássia Naves

Branded clothes and incredible accessories are part of blogger Thássia Naves’ wardrobe and can be seen in her photos on Instagram. With a very original style and perfect looks in every detail, Thássia is followed by almost 1.5 million people and you can’t help but follow her.

If that wasn’t enough, the blogger lives traveling and sharing the images of the trip on her Instagram. They are amazing places like Trancoso, Los Angeles and Japan, in addition to attending the most popular events and having several new photos every day.

3. Nina Secrets

If you want to follow a charming, super friendly and high-spirited girl, without a doubt the Brazilian blogger Niina Secrets cannot fail to be part of her Instagram. Like Camila, Niina shares fashion and beauty tips that are accessible to most Brazilian women.

Their style is more popular, full of t-shirt and skirt looks, in addition to being from very affordable stores, such as Brazilian retail chains. Her photos are very colorful and give an air of lightness and joviality and she always shares fun photos that can make your day happier.

4. Viva Luxury

Annabelle Fleur is the Californian blogger responsible for the Viva Luxury blog. With a sophisticated and minimalist style, she shares several photos of her looks and enchants her with her beauty on Instagram. When you start following her, you will see many pictures of her look details, with her beautiful accessories.

On Instagram you can also follow the blogger’s daily life, as she always shares her food, her meetings and her travels. Although she is from California, her style and photos are more like a French woman, as she is always impeccably dressed and does not need extravagant pieces.

5. Vintage Tuula

Tuula Vintage blogger Jessica Stein describes herself as a blogger who talks about travel and personal style and that’s exactly what we see in her Instagram images as well. If you like paradise, she is one of the bloggers that cannot be missed on your social network.

Her looks are always complemented by transparent waters and white sand, in addition to expressing a very light style that matches her travels and her country of origin, Australia. There you can follow all the incredible moments she experiences during her travels, such as diving with stingrays, walking in the waterfall, breathtaking views and so on.

6. The Blonde Salad

Also constantly traveling is the blogger who subscribes to The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni. But it’s not just paradise that her Instagram photos are about. She also shares everything that happens at the biggest fashion events like Paris Fashion Week shows and so on.

Its style is more modern with many trending pieces and varying according to the occasion. The Italian blogger conquered the world and is currently followed by more than 3 million fans on Instagram, in addition to being named by the American magazine Forbes as one of the most influential people under 30 years old.

7. Nati Vozza

Another Brazilian blogger that deserves a spot on our list is Nati Vozza, owner of Glam4You. She is super stylish and is always making amazing looks, mixing prints, colors and showing that to have style you need to have personality. Nati shares her daily looks and moments on Instagram.

If you are enchanted by the cuteness of babies, you can’t help but follow her, as she has just given birth to a boy named Bernardo. It is also there that she has shared some motherhood tips and her feeling of being a first-time mother.

8. Camila Coutinho

Owner of one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion blogs, Garotas Estúpidas, Camila Coutinho shares all the moments of her life with her Instagram followers. With photos from her travels and her looks, she is followed by more than a million people.

Camila has a very daring style and likes to wear pieces that are on the rise. She also lives making partnerships, participating in ballad fashion events and representing Brazil at different times. The blogger is super fun and lively and everything she does reflects her personality.

9. Gal meets Glam

If you identify with the romantic and feminine style, you can’t help but follow the American blogger Julia Engel, responsible for Gal Meets Glam. In addition to always traveling, she records her images in a very romantic and delicate way.

For those who want to be inspired by looks with pink and floral pieces and admire one of the most beautiful bloggers, Julia’s Instagram is the perfect place. She is always recording her daily life, with photos with her boyfriend, riding a bike and on some outing in an amazing place.

10. Seams for a desire

With a sense of style ready to be copied and admired, Argentinian blogger Jessie Chanes signs Seams for a desire. In addition to being beautiful, Jessie has an indisputable taste and knows how to create super original looks, but at the same time possible to be copied.

On her Instagram, she shares her look of the day, the most memorable moments of her daily life and some of her travels. There you can also check out how she combines a hat with any look, being one of her trademarks and some styling tricks that the blogger applies to her look to make it even more amazing.

No matter your style or the photographs that catch your eye, following these 10 fashion bloggers you will have an Instagram full of beautiful images, inspirations for your look, beauty tips and you will be able to know, through the bloggers’ lens, the most amazing places. If you still don’t follow any of them, this is the time to start following and being enchanted by the Instagram of these bloggers.

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