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10 Facts Many Didn’t Know About Working With Child Actors

O show business it is one of the few industries in the United States where child labor is legal. It is also a field where a child can be as professional as an adult. When Macaulay Culkin, aged 9, starred in the movie They forgot me, could safely sleep on the studio floor between recordings if he felt tired. All so we can experience the true magic of cinema.

Here in the awesome.club we investigate what the reality of a child actor is like behind the scenes.

1. There are age restrictions

Restrictions, however, vary significantly from state to state. In some, there are not even age limitations. However, most of the filming is done in California, and it does have some of the most restrictive regulations there. In this state, the child must be at least 15 days old to be able to work, in addition to being prohibited to hire premature babies, with less than one month.

2. Children can only work during a specific time

In California, babies younger than 6 months can only be on set for two hours a day and are prohibited from recording more than 20 minutes a day. Babies aged 6 months to 2 years can stay in the workplace for up to four hours a day, but must not work more than two hours.

That’s why producers prefer to hire twins and triplets. The twins turn two hours into four. Also, if a baby is not in a good mood, the sibling can act in her place. Whenever possible, directors prefer to use a doll. Also, babies can only work between 9:30 am and 11:30 am, or between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Children from 2 to 6 years old they can be on set six hours a day, but only half that time recording. actors from 6 to 9 yearsare allowed to be on set for eight hours, but work for only four. Actors aged 9 to 16 can stay on set for nine hours, but can only record for five if it’s during school hours. On vacation, they can work up to seven hours a day. 17 year olds they can be on set for 10 hours and work for six in one day. During vacations, they can record for up to eight hours a day.

3. The job includes more than acting

If an actor is 8 years old and can work four hours a day, that doesn’t mean he’ll be acting all the time. Dressing for the character, doing hair and makeup, and any travel time between the studio and location also counts as working hours. Therefore, the more complicated and elaborate the character’s look, the less time left to record.

4. Child actors have a mandatory amount of time that must be dedicated to studying

The laws that protect child actors state that a child’s time on set must be divided into three parts. At first, it’s time to work. The second should be devoted to leisure. And finally, there is the school period. Even for actors, education is mandatory. For this reason, if there is a child on set, producers should budget for the services of a studio teacher.

A studio teacher is a person who is responsible for the child, for his safety and upbringing. This professional knows all the rules and regulations concerning the minor and is the producer’s adviser regarding the young actor. The teacher must always be on set when the child is present, including weekends and holidays.

Babies can only work 20 minutes at a time. However, if a baby happens to be sleeping during working hours, no one will wake him up. In fact, the little ones get a day off. So when auditioning a baby for a role, staying awake and not crying is a huge plus, and increases your chances of being hired.

For example, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen landed the role of Michelle in Three is too much because they were the only twins who didn’t cry during the audition.

6. A child can never be left alone

There must always be a parent or guardian for the child on set. Exactly why parents can’t just leave their child in the studio and go out to do other things in the meantime. The only time a father can be away from his son is when the child actor is with the studio teacher, studying.

7. Children should not be exposed to certain content

While on set, children should be kept away from anything they shouldn’t see or know. The whole team needs to be careful how they behave and what they say when there is a child around.

Even if they’re acting in a horror movie, no one is allowed to scare them or let them see something they shouldn’t. That way, they’re just having fun, even if the movie isn’t about anything fun. For example, Danny Lloyd, who starred in The illuminatedI didn’t know I was acting in a horror movie.

8. Everyone on set must be on their best behavior

Movie sets are full of actors, directors and cameras. Everyone is running around and giving directions, so it gets really noisy. But when there is a baby, everything should be as quiet as possible.

Children have the sole right to do whatever they want. If they’re crying, fine. If they’re not in the mood, too, and everyone adjusts, which could mean there’s no recording that day. That said, everyone working on the set is united by a common goal: to keep the young actor happy and keep him from crying.

In addition, it is extremely important to follow the rules of etiquette, as children are very sensitive.

9. All makeup must be approved in advance

Child actors cannot be put at risk in any way. But even small babies go through the makeup chair. For example, to make a baby look like a newborn in childbirth scenes, the little actor is smeared with products like jam and cream cheese. Before applying anything to a baby’s skin, permission must be obtained from the child’s mother, father or guardian.

10. Child actors are not allowed to manage their own social media accounts

“Managed by adults”

Many social media platforms do not allow profiles of people under the age of 13. The same rule applies to young actors. For this reason, actors under 13 need their parents, or an agent to manage and monitor their social media accounts.

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