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10 Facts about Ivete Sangalo that show how the Bahian woman is much more than a successful singer

Since the 1990s, Ivete Sangalo has been one of the most successful singers in Brazil. Owner of a remarkable voice, absolute charisma and unique energy, the artist is multitalented and faces the challenges that present themselves with courage and resourcefulness. At 50 years of age, she continues to score hits in music and also on television, showing that her career has never left what is called its peak.

We, from awesome.club, we love Veveta and, as a way of honoring her, we have selected some curiosities that, perhaps, you still don’t know about the artist, but that can make you like her even more. Check out!

1. Had a rough start and struggled to get where he is

Ivete’s relationship with music comes from birth. During the singer’s childhood, she and her family had fun having soirées at home. When Ivete was still young, her father and one of her brothers left for a better life, and the family needed to restructure itself to move forward. At that stage, she even worked as a salesperson and, with her sister, distributed takeaways made by her mother, in Salvador. About her professional start in music, she declared: “I started singing in a bar when I was 18 or 19 and I was happy when the fee was sun-dried meat”.

2. She still lives in Bahia and doesn’t think about moving

Despite having rented a house in Rio de Janeiro, used when the artist is recording the programs in which she participates, Ivete still spends most of her time in Bahia. The muse has a well-known address in Salvador, which has even become a tourist spot and declared: “I want my son to be raised in Bahia, because it is a place that still has habits that I like. It’s my inspiration for everything.” She also has a house in Praia do Forte, in Mata de São João.

3. Doesn’t miss the joke, even in unexpected situations (And if you meet Cher)

As she didn’t have much to talk about, but wanted to take advantage of the occasion for a marketing ploy that favored Brazil and, specifically, Bahia, Veveta said that she was making a song to honor Cher here in Brazil. The singer then wanted to know more details. To which Veveta replied, laughing: “We call it ‘axér’ music”.

4. Throws himself into projects and is not afraid of challenges

Even with a consolidated career in the national and international music scene, Ivete does not settle down and faces the challenges that present themselves in a courageous and brilliant way, showing that it is never too early or too late to try something new, as long as it is done with passion.

Among the works that the artist collects are that of an actress, in the remake of Gabriela and in the series Brava Gente and As Brasileiras and in films, such as Simão e o Fantasma Trapalhão and that of a presenter, in which she faced Superbonita, Música Boa Ao Vivo, Globo Station and, more recently, the hit The Masked Singer.

5. Has diverse talents, honed with hard work

That Veveta is an exemplary singer, everyone already knows. But what not everyone knows is that, in addition to this talent, the Bahian woman has other gifts. She is a businesswoman, presenter, actress and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to her powerful voice, Veveta plays guitar, cavaquinho, electric guitar, drums and percussion instruments — in addition to having a studio in her home, where she studies and also teaches her eldest son, Marcelo, who already plays in the band that accompanies the artist.

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6. She also has quirky habits and always makes time for her children.

The singer’s routine is full of stimuli and very busy, so Ivete has developed some habits that can be considered peculiar, but which make perfect sense to her. The first of these is that she can only sleep in absolute darkness. Even the electronics are unplugged so that Ivete can rest. The second of them is that she loves watching movies in half and can understand the stories by only seeing a part of them. The exception is her favorite movie The Notebook — she’s said to have watched the movie over 50 times!

In addition, Veveta always makes time for her children. She was the one who took Marcelo to school every day. She also takes surf lessons with her eldest son.

7. Knows how to cultivate a good friendship and forgive mistakes

The friendship between Veveta and Xuxa began in 1996 and lasts until today, despite a brief crisis. Xuxa was presenting the show Tô De Bem Com a Vida and Banda Eva, in which Ivete was the vocalist, did the opening. The blonde said that she was impressed with Ivete’s voice and resourcefulness on stage, but that she thought her name was Eva: “I wanted to meet ‘Eva’, bring ‘Eva’ to the program [Planeta Xuxa]🇧🇷 Then everyone: ‘What Eva, Xuxa?’ I was told that her name was not Eva. So, I said to call the group, because I thought the song was very beautiful, ”she said.

8. Is faithful to those who have always been with her

If there is a friendship of millions among Brazilian celebrities, it is certainly between Veveta and Dito, her friend, manager, godfather of her first child, personal assistant, in short… ? And that confidence comes from a long time ago! The two met when Dito worked in a perfume shop and Ivete distributed takeaways in Salvador. The muse declared herself to her friend: “A love that has already been lived in many lives before this one of ours. That said, we are made for each other. I love you infinite”.

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9. Encourages children while letting them grow

Ivete is the proud mother of Marcelo and the twins Marina and Helena. The singer’s son has already shown a desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps, who promptly encouraged and encouraged him. At the age of 13, Marcelinho is part of the band that accompanies Veveta in concerts. About this, she stated: “He doesn’t play with me because he is my son. He plays with me because he knows how to play. But I try to put it to him in a natural way”. Still according to Ivete, the guidance she gave her son was for him to be on stage as a musician, and not as her son, and to pay attention to his colleagues and the musical director of the group.

10. Know how to be generous

At the 2019 carnival, while her trio was going through the circuit in Salvador, Veveta saw that a street vendor lost all the merchandise she was selling and went into despair. She then announced: “Are you the owner of the Styrofoam? Don’t cry, I’m not going to buy your styrofoam that broke, I’m going to buy it now. Don’t even cry, my sister, because that’s how it is. I saw, there were two huge styrofoams, full. There will even be more merchandise than there was. Keep calm. Calm down, I’ll arrange it there. Calm!”

Have you ever been to a performance by the singer? Did any of Ivete’s songs mark a special moment in her life? Leave your answer in the comments, we’ll be happy to know your story!

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