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10+ Celebs Who Covered Up Or Removed Tattoos (And The Result Wasn’t Always Perfect)

Gone are the days when tattoos were forever. Currently, if you hit that post-repentance regret,tattoo, it is possible to remove it with laser sessions or make another design over it. One way or another, the result involves pain and money. There!

And the world of celebrities is no different. They also make mistakes like immortalizing the name of an ex-boyfriend on their skin, or end up getting sick of the drawing of the tattoo🇧🇷 But, in the case of celebrities, the photos of the original tattoos are (yes) immortalized on the Internet.

O awesome.club scoured celebrities’ pasts to find out who’s had tattoos removed or covered up. The last celebrity on the list covered several tattoos On the arm; not out of regret, but in order to create a bold aesthetic.

11. Barbara Evans

The tattoo of model and actress Bárbara Evans became a joke in 2013, because the phrase “mother, my queen” became like “moãe, minha sheath”. Even though the artist herself joked about the situation, she ended up removing the tattoo in 2016.

10. Anita

Did you remember that singer Anitta had a tattoo on her shoulder? The artist said that she “got sick” of the treble clef and went through the process to remove the drawing in 2016.

9. Kelly Key

Many know that singer Kelly Key erased a tattoo made on her calf for her Latino ex-boyfriend, but this was not the only drawing that generated regret in the artist. Recently, Kelly Key posted a video on Instagram showing that she is removing five other tattoos from her body, including the two shown above.

8. Alessandra Negrini

Actress Alessandra Negrini regretted a tattoo made in honor of her ex-husband Otto. Instead of removing it, the artist decided to turn the singer’s name into the word “love”. But, truth be told: you can still see a remnant of the singer’s name, right?

7. Biel

In 2017, singer Biel got a tattoo on his chest that divided the opinion of netizens. The criticism seems to have even affected the artist, who ended up covering the drawing.

6. Andressa Urach

Presenter Andressa Urach regretted her tattoos as soon as she converted to the evangelical religion. She is currently undergoing laser sessions to remove the designs, including her son Arthur’s name, which was tattooed on the back of her neck. “I love my son, but I don’t like tattoos anymore,” Andressa wrote on social media.

5. Manu Gavassi

In 2016, singer Manu Gavassi decided to remove the tattoos of a bird and a key, which she had done with her sister. According to the artist, the decision was made because she thought that the drawings no longer suited her and were in very exposed places on her body.

4. Karin Bachini

Youtuber Karen Bachini regretted a tattoo made on her wrist. In a video posted on her channel, the influencer said that she did not know the tattoo artist and that the design did not represent her initial idea. She also shared the removal process with her followers and said that the pain of erasing the design is greater than that of getting the tattoo.

3. Nichole Bahls

Model Nichole Bahls also used social media to publicize the process of removing her tattoo. In this case, she wanted to remove the name of her ex-boyfriend, Victor Ramos, from her body.

2. Viviane Araújo

Nichole Bahls wasn’t the only one who ended up getting a tattoo removed after a heartbreak. Actress Viviane Araújo has gone through this twice. She removed a tattoo made for her ex-boyfriend Belo and covered her ex-fiancé Radamés’ name with an arrow.

1. PC Siqueira

YouTuber PC Siqueira is also on this list, as he hid tattoos on his left arm, but not out of regret. In fact, the influencer decided to cover his arm with a tattoo in the style Black Work, which can be translated as “work in black”. Currently, art has already reached his shoulder and he says the decision was made for pure aesthetics.

And you, have you ever regretted a tattoo? Know someone who has covered or removed a skin design? Tell us in the comments.

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