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10 Brazilian Comedians You Probably Wouldn’t Recognize Right Now If You Met On The Street

Brazilian humor has great names that will hardly be forgotten. Successes such as “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” and “A Praça é Nossa”, revealed comedians with the ability to arouse laughter, even in the most difficult moments of our lives and still marked generations. Many of these comedians consolidated their names and characters in the public imagination. But, because they disappeared from the small screens and changed their look with the passage of time, today they are hardly recognized by people on the streets.

In view of this, the awesome.club shows how 10 comedians who were very successful on TV look and reveals what they are currently dedicated to. Check out!

10. Daniele Valente

He started to act as a comedian when he played the character Dona Tesinha in “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”. From that experience, she started to be invited to humorous roles in films, soap operas and also for programs such as “Zorra Total”, in which she created her first character for TV, Efigênia. Since 2015, she lives together with her husband and daughter in the United States. Away from the spotlight, she is now dedicated to a career as a screenwriter / content creator.

9. Gorete Milagres

Gorete Milagres stood out for his ability to improvise and for creating several comic characters, especially for “Filomena”, from the catchphrase “Ô…Coitado”. “Filó” shone on the show “A Praça é Nossa” and even won its own series on SBT. After leaving the station, the actress played other characters on the small screen, in soap operas and series on other stations, such as Globo, Record and Multishow. But she never achieved the same notoriety as before.

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Currently, Gorete continues to play Filó, but on YouTube, where he presents the character’s fun and exciting adventures. Gorete has already stated on social media that she would also like to be recognized as an actress for other roles and to work in soap operas.

8. Fafy Siqueira

Fafy Siqueira started her career as a singer and also composed songs for famous artists such as Xuxa. Despite her success in the musical field, it was through humor that she reached stardom, especially through her imitations, creating parodies, for example, of paquita da Xuxa (as shown in the photo above). She had several characters in “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, one of the most famous being “Humberto Carlos”. Fafy also participated in other global comedy shows, series and soap operas. Outside of TV and motivated to continue to make people laugh, the actress travels around Brazil with comedy shows.

7. Robson Pires (Dancer)

Robson Pires is better known as “Bailarino”, a character that appeared on the Ratinho show in the 90s and that won the public’s affection. When he went to “A Praça é Nossa”, his versatility in playing other characters and performing imitations became clear.

Recognized for his talent, Robson has already been invited to act in several comedy shows. Today, he dedicates himself to comedy shows with the group “Café com Bobagem” and also performs in circuses.

6. Claudia Rodrigues

Cláudia Rodrigues has had prominent roles in comedy shows, such as “Zorra Total”, “Sai de Baixo”, “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” and “Casseta & Planeta, Urgente!” In addition, she was a protagonist in the series “A Diarista”, playing Marinete. As many know, the actress’ career was interrupted so that she could dedicate herself to the treatment of multiple sclerosis. After 6 years away from TV and the stage, Cláudia celebrated on social media her return to the spotlight for a stand-up comedy show and also announced that she will soon open her own theater in Curitiba (Paraná).

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5. Pedro Cardoso

Pedro Cardoso played Agostinho Carrara in the series “A Grande Família”, which aired for 14 years on Globo. With the end of the humorous, Pedro presented two projects to the network, of which only one was aired and became a painting in “Fantástico”, but which did not extend due to the low ratings.

Currently, the actor lives in Portugal and, due to his affinity with politics — he is a cousin of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso —, he uses Instagram to debate the subject, which even yielded content for a book released this year.

4. Leandro Hassum

He became known nationally when he played the unlucky Jorginho in the program “Zorra Total” and also in the series “Caras de Pau”. In addition to his success on TV, Hassum shone in cinema, as a voice actor and acting in films that broke box office records, such as “Honest Candidate” and “Until Luck Do Us Part”. With a revamped look after bariatric surgery, the comedian runs the show “Tá Pago” on the TNT channel and recently announced a partnership with Netflix for the recording of two films, one scheduled for release in 2020 and another for 2021.

3. Katiuscia Canoro

Katiuscia achieved great notoriety when she played “Lady Kate” in “Zorra Total” and, for her brilliant performance, received several awards, including the Best of the Year from “Domingão do Faustão” for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009). Currently out of TV, the comedian has been dedicated to cinema, preparing for the premiere of the movie “Tô Ryca 2”. In July of this year, she celebrated a partnership with Larissa Manoela for the recordings of the movie “Modo Avião”.

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2. Dede Santana

Raised in a family of circus artists, Dedé was very successful with Os Trapalhões in the 80’s. With the end of the group, there was no lack of work opportunities and the comedian participated in several humorous programs, many of them, alongside his former colleague Didi Mocó (Renato Aragão). Today, returning to his origins, Dedé travels around circuses all over Brazil with his humor shows.

1. Nizo Neto

Nizo is still remembered by Ptolomeu, his character in “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” in the 90s. , for example, in “O Cravo e a Rosa” in 2000.

The actor, who no longer belongs to Globo’s cast of actors, declared that he wants to dedicate himself more to dramaturgy and invest in works beyond the humorous genre that popularized him. Despite this, he continues to do comedy shows. At the same time, he participates in films, the most recent being “Sofa”, “Haunted Love” and “My Last Wish” (in production).

Who is your favorite comedian among those mentioned in the post? Which one would you not recognize on the street if you met these days? Tell us!

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