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10 benefits of geranium essential oil, method of use and trivia

Known as the oil of femininity, geranium essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy. With anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties, it can fight from acne to some bacterial infections. To better understand how it works, aromatherapist Melody Faustino and dermatologist Renata Janones (CRM-MG 35196 | RQE 23427) talk a little about its use. Check it out below!

What is Geranium Oil

According to experts, geranium essential oil is taken from the leaves of Pelargonium graveolens. Aromatherapist Melody explains that “to obtain 1 kg of geranium essential oil, 500 to 600 kg of the fresh plant is needed” which undergoes “a steam distillation process”.

The oil, which according to Melody, “has a dry, rosy, delicate and striking floral aroma” has therapeutic actions. Dermatologist Renata says, for example, that the essence “can be used as a component in cosmetic products, perfumes and diluted in massage oils”, bringing “anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, antimicrobial and even being a heart and liver protector” ”. In addition, Renata leaves a tip: “it’s really relaxing! I like to drip a drop onto my white clay face mask and let it sit for 20 minutes.”

Regarding the topical use of geranium essential oil, Melody explains that “essential oils are not considered ready-made products, they need to be diluted, preferably in a 100% vegetable source, without petroleum derivatives, as they are extremely concentrated and powerful. ”.

In addition, attention should be paid to the place where the oil is purchased, prioritizing the quality of the product. Renata, for example, says that she prefers to buy from Brazilian distilleries, and says: “I buy it online or in natural products stores in my city. It costs about R$100.00 each 10 ml”.

10 benefits of geranium oil

According to Melody, the substrate is “considered the essential oil of femininity”, and its properties bring “excellent results in facial and beauty treatments”, but the benefits do not stop there. Check out what experts have revealed about this wonderful essential oil below:

  1. Helps in hormonal regulation: According to dermatologist Renata, geranium essential oil “is considered the woman’s oil because it has similar effects to those of female hormones”, which can help in the regulation of these.
  2. Helps in the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin: According to Melody, the oil has “antifungal, antibacterial” properties, as well as being astringent, which can help in the treatment of skin with acne and excessive oiliness.
  3. Decreases PMS and Menopause Symptoms: Precisely because it is a hormonal regulator, with effects similar to the hormones estrogen and testosterone, geranium essential oil “is widely used to reduce symptoms of PMS, climacteric and menopause”, says Melody.
  4. Prevents infections: Because it has antibacterial and antiseptic action, the oil can help prevent various infections. Melody states, for example, that “its antifungal action helps to prevent the installation of Candida albicans”.
  5. Great muscle relaxant: According to dermatologist Renata, “the major constituents of geranium essential oil are citronellol and geraniol. Citronellol has a vasodilating and muscle relaxant action”, which produces a calming and tranquilizing action, relieving tensions.
  6. It has anti-aging effects: Melody argues that the oil can “promote anti-aging, homogenizing and skin lightening effects”. When diluted in vegetable oils and even in creams, geranium essential oil helps in anti-aging treatment, softening expression lines and the appearance of the skin.
  7. It has psychoactive actions: Geranium essential oil can help control anxiety and stress. Renata claims that the oil “changes brain waves, having a calming and sedative effect”.
  8. Helps in the hemostasis process: According to Melody, the oil also has a property that helps in hemostasis, which concerns the circulatory processes that prevent clots and bleeding. “It can be used in cases of bleeding, heavy menstruation, gum bleeding”, says the aromatherapist.
  9. Soothes allergic reactions: Because it has an anti-inflammatory effect provided by the citronellol component, geranium oil helps in the treatment of dermatitis and skin allergies, alleviating itching.
  10. It has antioxidant action: According to Renata, the antioxidant effect of geranium oil comes from the geraniol component, which helps to protect cells, fighting free radicals, preventing diseases and acting against aging.

Undoubtedly the benefits are diverse and help body and mind. However, as each body has different needs, always look for a dermatologist or aromatherapist to ask questions or understand the best method to use.

Contraindications of Geranium Oil

As we said earlier, the benefits of geranium oil are varied, but there are contraindications. According to dermatologist Renata Janones, “great caution should be taken by people who cannot use hormones, such as women with breast and uterus cancers”, so always consult your doctor.

In addition, both professionals do not indicate the ingestion of geranium oil, recommending the topical and inhaled use of the substrate. Melody chimes in: “This is serious business! Ingesting essential oil randomly and without indication can bring unwanted side effects”.

It’s interesting to know and learn about natural products that bring so many benefits to the body, don’t you think? So, if you want to continue delving into the subject, also check out these wonderful curiosities about clove essential oil.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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