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10 “Before and After” by the cast of Os Ricos Also Choram, the first Mexican telenovela broadcast in Brazil

On account of this, the awesome.club invites you to know the before and after of the cast of the soap opera that enchanted Brazilians and made Mexican productions consolidate in the country!

The Mexican star Verónica Castro is a world-renowned actress, including work done in other countries, such as Argentina and Italy. In addition, she has a solid career as a singer. Currently, she acts in the series the house of flowersproduced by Netflix.

Mexican Rogelio Guerra has enjoyed a prosperous career, divided into multiple performances in soap operas, films and plays. In addition, the late artist had extensive experience as a voice actor.

Mexican star Rocío Banquells has won a number of awards for her work as an actress and singer. She has even participated in several super productions in Spanish of well-known musicals around the world, such as cats🇧🇷 Prevents🇧🇷 Jesus Christ Superstar and Mamma Mia!

The late Argentine actress Christian Bach acted in several films and soap operas. Even among the productions for television, his last two roles were for the North American broadcaster Telemundo, in The Patrona and The Impostor🇧🇷

Mexican Guillermo Capetillo has multiple talents: he has acted in several soap operas and films, in addition to becoming a recognized bullfighter and talented singer. And it was exactly in the soap opera Rich People Cry Too which debuted in television dramaturgy.

Édith González was one of the most sought-after Mexican stars on television and in the show business🇧🇷 She has worked as an actress — in soap operas, series, films and plays —, presenter, judge of programs, among others.

Since the 1960s, the Spanish actress has acted in several soap operas and films. She was even one of the stars of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. In addition, she has a PhD in Letters and is a recognized writer.

Dominican actor Carlos Cámara has also been present in soap operas since the 1960s. During this period, he acted in numerous soap operas such as The Soul Has No Color and Ruby🇧🇷 He also participated in several films and theater plays.

Mexican actress Aurora Clavel has developed a solid reputation as an actress in feature films — many of them from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Her film roles, which made her famous in the 1960s, ended up becoming her gateway to acting in soap operas in the 1970s. She continues to act today on both fronts of production.

Mexican actress Flor Procuna became well known for her role as a villain in the telenovela Os Rich People Cry Too🇧🇷 This performance led to participation in other productions, such as wild rosefrom 1987, and storm in paradisefrom 2007.

Bonus: the remake Brazilian

With the legacy of the Mexican telenovela Rich People Cry Too in Brazil, SBT produced a remakewith the same name, which aired in 2005. Did you watch it?

Know or have heard of Do Rich People Cry Too? Which Mexican productions have you watched? Tell us in the comments section!

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