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10 Actors Who Completely Transformed To Give In To Soap Opera Characters

All professions have their challenges that they need to face, and acting is no different. There are several roles that are difficult, with physical and emotional characteristics very different from those of the selected actors. However, it is necessary to “put aside” the differences and interpret the character with mastery.

With that in mind, the awesome.club invites you to remember 10 actors who transformed themselves to give themselves completely to the characters in the soap operas!

1. Carol Duarte

In A Força do Querer, from Rede Globo, actress Carol Duarte played the trans man Ivan. In the course of the plot, the character discovers his real gender and carries out the transformations he wants. By the way, Ivan is a reference to his baptismal name: Ivana.

2. Guilherme Piva

Veteran actor Guilherme Piva took on a difficult mission to perform major physical transformations to live a character. In New World, he played the trickster Lycurgus. In fact, the role was so successful that he was called again to appear in In the Emperor’s Times.

3. Bruna Linzmeyer

Bruna Linzmeyer, who is extremely charming, managed to get even more flashy — and almost “angelic” — for the role in Meu Pedacinho de Chão. The actress gave life to dear teacher Juliana Alves Menezes.

4. Juliana Paes

Another beauty who completely “changed” herself for the role in Rede Globo’s Meu Pedacinho de Chão plot was Juliana Paes. Grandiose wigs, extravagant dresses and other accessories were necessary to compose the character Maria Catarina Napoleão.

5. Paula Barbosa

6. Mayana Moura

This time, it was the moment for actress Mayana Moura. The muse was completely transformed to play Satan, in the soap opera Jesus, on Record TV. She even had to shave her hair to play the role.

7. Deborah Secco

In a fury of the villain played by Deborah Secco, the character Caroline Figueiredo Falcão – nicknamed Karola – had to radicalize and cut her hair during a scene. In the plot Segundo Sol, from Rede Globo, the star was another that drew attention for the drastic change.

8. Vera Holtz

Another Brazilian television lady who underwent major changes was actress Vera Holtz. In the remake of the telenovela Saramandaia, by Rede Globo, she needed four hours to transform into Dona Redonda.

9. Monica Iozzi

Cast to play Scarlett Máximo and Aparecida dos Santos — nicknamed Cidinha — actress and comedian Monica Iozzi had to make changes to her look to compose the character in the telenovela Alto Astral, on Rede Globo.

10. José de Abreu

Another great idol of Brazilian soap operas who also put aside vanity and surrendered to the character. Returning to the 90s, actor José de Abreu had to make major changes to get the characteristics of Gonçalo Pereira, from the plot Força de Um Desejo.

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