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10 activities to burn 100 calories without going to the gym

Overdone dessert and want to give your diet a boost by losing a few more calories? Check out below 10 activities you can do every day to lose up to 100 calories without even having to try too hard.

1 – Stand up

No talking on the phone or watching television lying down or sitting down all the time. To burn some extra calories, stand up while doing this type of activity. Standing requires the use of a lot of muscles and if you stand for 10 minutes out of every hour of an 8 hour workday you will be burning 100 calories without even realizing it.

2 – Massage someone

It can be your co-worker, your boyfriend, your mother or whoever you want to please with a light massage, pamper a loved one with a massage and burn some calories. With just 20 minutes of massage you can burn 100 calories.

3 – Take your break by walking to the cafeteria

If you usually go to a bakery or cafe near your work during your break, always prefer to walk there and not by car. In addition to avoiding the stress of traffic, if the walk takes 20 minutes in total, you’ll be burning 100 calories.

4 – Browse the internet

As absurd as it may seem, Dr. Sejal Shah of Medi-Weight Loss Clinic in Tampa, USA, said that using the internet and clicking for an hour or so during the day can help burn an extra 100 calories.

5 – Use the hair dryer

Save money by doing the salon service at home. Drying your hair with a hairdryer for 30 minutes also helps you burn 100 calories without realizing it. Also, after this activity you will be tidy.

6 – Try a new recipe

Spending 30 minutes slicing, chopping, mixing and cooking also takes 100 calories from your body. But be careful not to prepare something too heavy, otherwise your work will have been in vain because you will gain more calories than you lose.

7 – Walk while talking on the phone

If you’re talking to one of those friends with whom you spend more than half an hour on the phone, know that in addition to keeping up with the latest news she has to tell you, you’re also burning 100 calories without much effort.

8 – Clean your wardrobe

Organize your closets, wardrobe and drawers and separate what goes to the trash, for donation and what remains. By doing this you will be keeping everything in order and if the activity is at least 35 minutes you will also burn the dreaded 100 calories you gained from eating a sweetie the other day.

9 – Play tag with the children or children of the family

This game, besides being a lot of fun, if played for at least 20 minutes helps to expel 100 calories from your body and give your diet a boost. And the best part is that at the same time you will be spending time with children you love.

10 – Go shopping

Strolling through the aisles of stores and malls can also help you lose weight. Spending more than 30 minutes window shopping, trying on and buying clothes will also burn 100 calories.

Walking the dog, cleaning and washing dishes can also help you burn some extra calories. Now that you know how to burn 100 calories effortlessly, you can choose which activities best fit your day-to-day and start burning those calories right away.

Text freely translated and adapted from Redbook magazine.

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