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▷ What the Bible says about Santeria (YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT) ✔️

Santeria has been gaining momentum over the years, in which the summoning of spirits, animal sacrifices and divinationwhere the person comes into contact with the mystical and spiritual world.

Likewise, it enters in conjunction with the Bible, the word of God that is found there and the provisions that it has.

What does the Bible say about Santeria?

The word of God, through the Bible, tells us about the practices that are carried out through Santeria, in the Old Testament it indicates that God rejects any ritual or act where sacrifices are offered that reach witchcraft or divination.

📖 Deuteronomy 18:10-12
“Because the Lord is disgusted by those who do these things”

This refers to the sacrifices that are in search of knowledge, power or some specific favor.

This difference is delimited given that in the bible if animal sacrifices are accepted like lambs, that are made as thanks or offering to God.

More, however, Santeria takes different words and references from the Bible as inspiration for its prayers or santeros rituals.

Do santeros believe in God?

Santeros fully believe in Godin the divinity of his image and know him under the name of orulathe God who can see everything and who listens to each of their songs and pleas, which allows them to have access to their different favors.

Orula under the concept of Santeria, listens and receives each of the different practices that are offered to her, she also gives her blessing and protection to those who ask her correctly in their prayers.

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Santeria and Christianity

The Santeria and Christianity They have had different nuances for years that make them similar, both come from antiquity and have been getting stronger with the passage of time.

In Santeria, they believe in the strength of the spirit., in the images of the saints and how animal sacrifices can help them reach the divinity of their God. On the other hand, Christianity venerates the image of Jesus Christ as the son of God.

In this sense, sacrifices are also offered, but these are of a spiritual order, such as fasting or abstinence.

Origin of Santeria

Santeria originates from the union of various religious practiceswhich were carried out in Africa, in this mixture the yoruba religionwhich was carried out specifically in the ethnic group of African Guinea (present-day Nigeria)

At first it started with small practices carried out by enslaved Africans, then they began to be learned by the white settlers until it expanded, becoming one of the largest religions today.

On the other hand, to obtain their knowledge, they must start with practices guided by a specialist santero. Be a sponsor of the “aleyo or neophyte” who is the one who is learning. He guides him until the godson climbs the ranks of status in the religion and can finally acquire the necessary wisdom to carry out his own rituals and santeria works.

The learning time will depend on the person and despite the time of creation of Santeria, it continues to remain attached to its Yoruba origins.

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