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▷ Prayer to Yemaya For《Health, Love, Money and More》✔️

Within the Yoruba religion there is a great thread of culture and beliefs that each time grow more by all the countries, establishing new children of orisha before the others.

If you are getting started in Ifa or want get information about this religion Don’t worry! You are in the right place, since below we will tell you everything about the prayers or prayers towards this great orisha.

How do I pray to Yemaya?

If you want to be able to invoke Yemaya to perform any request and give him his offerings, what you have to do we will leave it to you below:

Prepare or accommodate the altar of the orisha in your home or at sea. Stand in front of her and greet her saying “Omío Yemaya Omoloddé! Yemaya Ataramawa!” Pronounce her name while touching the floor. Kiss her fingertips, as a symbol or show of respect. Repeating “Yemanjá, Yemaja, Yemaya Olokún” while you do the above, maintaining respect for her. Place the offerings on the altar in front of her figure. Make the prayer you want to carry out.

Prayer for Health

Invoke this orisha for reasons or health reasons It is one of the most important requests that Yemaya will respond to. To ask him, all you have to do is the following:

have a altar prepared if you have the possibility. Greet her and perform the general prayer for the deity. If you can, follow the ritual to talk to him, in which you must mention his name multiple times. Make the corresponding sentence. Thank him and offer him what you like, but preferably fruits. If you have the opportunity and your physical health allows it, go to the sea.


Oh great Orisha Yemayá, you who rule this world
from the point of view of mothers,
Possessing great spiritual capacity and
permanent protection for your guides, I urgently evoke your help.
I need you to cloak yourself in these
moments of hardship to (name of person)
due to the illness he is suffering from.
May he never lack strength and
livelihood so you can get ahead.
Give him calm so that he fights for his life until it is necessary.
Stuff his soul with your immense maternal strength. keep
to (name of the person) alive Yemaya.
I have always trusted you and I know that you will never fail me. Amen.

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Prayer for Love

This could be one of the prayers or prayer that people usually use more frequentlyso if you want to do it:

Prepare your altar. Maintain respect while greeting her and doing the respective ritual. You will need to have certain offerings on hand for when you need to place them at his feet. She performs the prayer and thanks the orisha.


Blessed are you queen of the seas, spectacular Goddess who emanates light with your powers,
just like the watchtowers do
for the men of this universe.
Infinite is your love with us, and your actions
They show us that our prayers are not in vain. I need you,
guardian of affection, since you are the inimitable
Orisha with the capabilities to do so, therefore,
I implore you, kneeling at your feet,
so that my path enters the paths of love.
But not just any love, but the one that is chaste,
a true want Change my person when the time comes,
and revive that feeling inside my heart.
Great Yemaya! Never forsake us your children,
because you are our life guide, do not leave us out in the open of life.

Prayer for Money

At some point in our lives, you may find yourself in a moment of great pressure and stress caused by economic problemseither debts or not having enough amount to lead your normal life.

This is one of the prayers that is made to Yemaya the most, so you must fully trust that you will receive support and help:

Prepare the altar of the orisha. Greet her and perform the corresponding ritual to start interaction. Make the corresponding sentence. Place the offerings foot of the altar.


Blessed mother Yemayá, you who are Goddess of the seas of the world,
with infinite amounts of liquid,
just as infinite is your love for your children.
I turn to you to help me drown
inside the vital liquid, my greatest fear and
concern today, due to
not have enough money.
Bring my person (mention full name)
fortune, work and prosperity, in order to be able to live.
Very grateful I am with you forever
listen to my greatest desires. Blessed be you,

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Prayer for Protection

If your request is to get your protection and that of your relatives Faced with bad energy, against enemies and negative desires, this prayer is for you.

Prepare the altar and decorate it with your favorite colors, the blue and white. Perform the greeting and ritual to communicate with her. Make the prayer that we will leave below. Give thanks and trust that Yemaya will help you.


Dear deity, you who protect all the men of this world
and who is helpless. I turn to your
Powers to be able to keep envy as far as possible,
greed and selfishness of my life and environment.
Oh, goddess of the waters, purify my interior and
that of the people close to me (name of the person).
Provide me with your shield against negative energies
to be able to face all the obstacles that arise.

Prayer to Open Paths

This prayer is made for those people who consider that their destinies they are being blocked for bad energy and bad wishes. It is advisable that you do it in the sea, however you can also do it on the altar of your house.

Head to the sea and set up an altar if you have the chance. perform the corresponding greeting and follow the ritual to talk to him. Make the prayer corresponding to your request. Enter the sea and bathe on the shore. Thank him and make an offering.


Blessed goddess, you who are absolute within the existing plane.
Guide us your children and all other people,
you who protect the most needy
and to those who need your help.
Right now I need your help,
so that you stand in front of the obstacles that
present themselves to me and unlock my path.
Open all the closed doors and that in me
journey only halle ventura.
Don’t ever let negativity settle in my mind,
plant a new idea in my spirit,
so that you have a resurgence of personality.
Yemayá, I always place all my goals in you
and you have never failed.
I merit a new part of your infinite understanding,
so you can turn my situation into something positive.

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Prayer to get pregnant

Yemaya is considered as a fertility orishaso there are many people who resort to it when they fail to get pregnant for unknown reasons or known by diagnosis.

Yemaya is a mother, and characterized by empathy that this makes him feel with other mothers and with their children, so he will attend to your request as quickly as possible.

Prepare the space where you place the orisha Yemaya. have the hand the offerings. Perform the greeting and ritual to be able to communicate or address her. Make the corresponding sentence times you think necessary. She places the offerings at his feet.


Mother, you who are the queen of affection in the world
and guiding each stride that we your
children we make on earth. Oh, free queen of the seas,
you who belong to the Yoruba retinue.
I ask from the depths of my soul for your help.
so that love occurs inside my belly,
May it be filled with joy and energy.
You who have been the mother of all the Orishas,
You well know the strangeness that happens when life is not given.
Glorious Goddess, I only ask you to grant me the
shoot that I want, grant me this that I need so much.
Listen carefully to my prayers,
My home overflows with joy and I will know how to repay you.
Blessed be Yemaya.

Yemaya is the owner of the oceans and mistress of fertilitybeing a goddess who is connected with divination and with the mystery that the sea hides before her sight.

We hope that this article has been to your liking, and that all the doubts that you may have had have been answered. resolved and clarified.

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