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▷ Spells to Defend Yourself from《Enemies, Envy and More》✔️

Last Update: May 6, 2021

Life is full of good times, great friendships and people who make our moments unforgettable memories, but there are also people who are always looking for a way to make us harm and harm us somehow.

For this type of case, santeria offers a great solution so that you can drive away those people who do not contribute anything good in your life. If you are going through this situation, keep reading.

How does Santeria work to Defend Yourself?

Through Santeria you can not only ask the deities for help to solve a problem or to ask for a favor, you can also make acquaintances jobs to move away to everyone who is bothering you.

The works of the yoruba religion They are carried out through rituals that are made up of prayers and different religious elements that ward off bad vibes and bad thoughts. The works must be carried out by a babalawo, since he is the expert person. This works through the cleansing of the soul because all the bad energies that the person may have collected from a house or its surroundings are cleaned and eliminated. This It doesn’t just apply to people.you can also do a job at your home, some material object, your workspace and even if you own a business.

Many people are suspicious or do not believe that this type of cleaning and work work because of the comments that other people make, but you should know that this will only work if you believe, since, if you are predisposed, the cleaning will not be as successful as you want.

Work to clean the house of bad energy

One of the places that have bad energy is our homes, however strange it may seem, and that is that, when inviting people, one of them had a bad energy charge and has left the spaces for your house with said vibe making the environment feel tense and heavy.

Another reason why you do not feel calm or peace in your home is because from the beginning, that is, from the moment it is house was acquiredthere was already a bad energy hanging around.

If you are looking for a method to clean your houseHere I show you two that are well known and used by people:

Shop at the nearest store sea ​​salt. In case you do not get this ingredient you can opt for vinegar. Add to a large container with water, preferably a tube, six (6) tablespoons of sea salt. submerge the ponytail with which you will clean the spaces. This being completely clean. Pass the pigtail through all corners of your house, for each of the corners and under any object so that each and every one of the bad energies is eliminated. Be sure to sweep first before doing this. Although this is enough, you can make a prayer to the orishas.

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Work to get dark entities out of the house

Eliminate the dark spirits of the houses, is one of the most difficult works that exist in the world of Santeria. This must be done by an expert who, in this case, is a babalawo who is in charge of eliminating everything that disturbs the space of your house and that does not stop disturbing you.

If you feel that there is a spirit in your house or evil entity that does not let you rest or feel comfortable with yourself, you must follow the following steps:

You must let go of your house to the babalawo to examine it because what you feel is different from what he can feel and observe. The babalawo is placed in front of a mirror and ask what is in the house. The different ones are placed objects on the altar.

In order to carry out this third step, you must choose which altar is going to be made and in this case the use of the Vault Altar. This is done as follows:

You must place the home owner cane who has passed away in order to call the spirits that may be found in the house. On the altar, you must put a mirror. It may be the same one that the babalawo used. You must add candles to indicate the path where the spirit must arrive. The babalawo proceeds to have a conversation to formalize a kind of pact in which it is sought that the spirits leave the house or that, although they decide to stay, they do so without disturbing. Through the looking glass they are returned to beyond.

Work to defend yourself from an enemy

Believe it or not, and even from a movie, there are enemies anywhere we go who seek to hurt us to take advantage of us. If you know someone who wants hurt you at any timeyou must do this work to get rid of him:

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You need to look for a stick “I can do more than you”, stick “tames handsome”, a candle, brown paper, a graphite pencil, red and white thread and finally cigar tobacco. After you have all of the above, you are going to take the “mansa guapo” stick and split it right in the middle. This must also be done with the stick.I can more than you”. turn on the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing and tell him what you are going to do and the reason for it. Take the brown paper and the pencil to write the name of the person seven (7) times and then write your name seven (7) times on top. Do the same on the back. Join one of the stick halves “tame handsome” with the other stick “I can more than you.” Take the paper and wrap it around the sticks in the facing direction so that you can draw the shield. roll up the white and red yarn on one end of the stick inwards or the middle and do the same on the other side. Try to make it a good amount and make this knot strong. It is important that one side is half white and the other half red. You must go asking in voice aloud every time you do this. Place the finished work in front or the casserole of choose, add brandy or rum and finally tobacco smoke. Let the candle burn consume to the end and every Monday you must place brandy and tobacco smoke. Meditate with Elegguá and tell him how your situation is going.

work for envy

envy is an energy that can affect you in many ways, from the simplest to the most dangerous, that is, envy can make your nails split, but it can also cause serious events to occur in your life.

In our jobs, circle of friends and even in the family, there are people who do not always have the best intentions and they only want to harm us, so you must be aware of your surroundings.

If you feel that you have not had luck in the goals that you have recently proposed or that a positive quality of yours has weakened, you should do the following:

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You must search three (3) garlic candles, metal scissors, husk and matches. Take it shell and draw a triangle that points to the exit of the door of the house so that the negativity goes away. In the center draw an eye and within it an X (x). Above the eye and the X that you made, place the open metal scissors. Place each of the candles in the corners of the triangle and write inside them the name of the envious person if you know his name. You must say: In the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, Amen and then the following:

“I ask God for permission to invoke my protective spiritsmy spirits of light that help me clean and purify my body and my home and free it from all disturbance, envy or witchcraft against me.

I make this request for revocation that returns all spiritual and material work that they have done. I return it with these three blessed garlic candles with the power of light. I am sending it to (name of person). God accompanies me in my way. Amen.”

Work to get a dead man off your back

This last work that I have for you is for withdraw or move away completely to a dead person that you have on you or that someone else has. The steps to follow are:

You must search a dish of any color and material except plastic, wheat flour, coarse salt, a head of garlic and an egg. Place the wheat flour on the plate on the right side and the egg on top (the longest part downwards). Add the coarse salt on the left side and put the head of garlic on top of it (the finer part should go down). You can put this on the side right or left from your house.

As you can see, there is a way to solve different problems and get away bad energy of your life just by following the steps found here. Remember that, depending on the difficulty, you must have an expert to avoid any type of error.

Something important to keep in mind is not be predisposed to the fact that things are not going to work out for the job to be a complete success. I hope I have been of great help.

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